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Fanshawe alumna wins two SiriusXM titles
Randy and Mr. Lahey coming to Fanshawe
Knights gearing up for long playoff run
Essentials for helping you survive winter
Flawless foundation
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Scott Helman and The Kents perform at Fanshawe
What usually is a quiet night at Fanshawe was transformed into a lively one when The Kents and Scott Helman entered the building Thursday, Jan 12 for an 8 p.m. performance Read more

Brushstrokes at the bar: Why more people are trying out paint nights
Paint night events are becoming more popular; artists provide guests the opportunity to recreate a painting. Some people even sip some drinks and eat some snacks while participating in these events. Read more


Crime prevention tip of the week
Winter seems to have settled in so lets discuss some winter car safety. With a little luck you understand how to move your vehicle around in the winter. Read more

Motoring: 2017 BMW 330e: The car of the future
Welcome to 2017. Let's kick off with what would have been considered, not so long ago, as the car of the future. The 2017 BMW 330e combines both an electric car and a conventional car. Read more

Men's volleyball start 2017 on a strong note
After an impressive first half of the season in 2016, Fanshawe's men's volleyball has earned a well-deserved spot in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) National Rankings. Read more

What Does Kerra Seay: Welcome to the Democrazy
If you were fortunate enough to have a platform where you were able to reach hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people at one time, would you use that power wisely? Read more


Rumours of Grace: Giving the small me more space
I confess I got sidetracked by social media postings this morning. Maybe this happens to you too. We go online to watch a video for a course on social work and within 20 seconds have been diverted into something much different. Read more


Reyno Rants: Why winter, why?
You know what sucks more than December? January. There's absolutely nothing to look forward to this month. No Christmas gifts, no New Year's parties. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
There may instances of few setbacks. Don't get confused and betray people who support you. Bring images of beauty and love into your mind. Think about your past successes and get self motivated. Everything will go better soon. Read more

Wreckord Reviews: A small light amidst the darkness of January
We ring in the New Year with Night People, the fifth studio album by the English rock band You Me at Six. With such little sunlight in January, I'm sure we all feel a little like night people right now. Read more

Fear For Thought: Supernatural horror mixes with harsh realities in Under the Shadow
The plot of Under the Shadow revolves around Shideh, an ambitious medical student who has been barred from classes due to her involvement in pre-revolution demonstrations. Read more

The consequences of immortality: looking at Drew Magary's The Postmortal
What would really happen if immortality were achieved? Drew Magary's novel The postmortal offers a bleak, if not painfully realistic, look at the implications of eternal life. Read more

Vampires, werewolves, generic action and confounding pointlessness
Taking place in a gothic world of vampires versus werewolves (called lycans), Underworld: Blood Wars follows vampire Selene as she is pursued by both the waning vampires in search of revenge for the killing of their elders and by the lycans in search of her vampire-lycan hybrid daughter in order to generate a powerful army of hybrids. Read more


Winter workout wow
Hot cocoa is for amateurs; if you really want to heat things up, get to the gym and get your sweat on. If you are not sure what to do, then make an appointment with a trainer and figure out all your options. Read more