Current Issue: Friday, May 27th, 2016


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London shows off its pride for the LGBTQ+ community
Fanshawe mourns death of incoming student
Blastoise captured at Fanshawe
Show of pride by London’s naval armed forces
Fanshawe grad wins national award
Broadcast Journalism students win national awards
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Student housing a prime target for break-ins and robbery
Students living on Fleming Drive and Thurman Circle located on the northeast side of London are reporting break-and-enters. Read more

Pride is alive with the sound of music
Last night's Pride events were based around members of the London community raising their hearts and voices in song to demonstrate unity through music. Read more

Pride week continues with a night of music
London's Pride week celebrations continued as the Aeolian Hall on Dundas St. featured an open microphone night where members of both the LGBTQ+ community and the community at large were invited to come and show off their talents. Read more

Pokémon Go and the new rise of geo-gaming
In just over a week, the new Pokemon Go gaming app has taken the world by storm, with the Google Play store reporting that 7.9 million users in the U.S. alone downloaded the game this past weekend. That is double the amount from the games official release. Read more


A night of stories, a day of hope
On July 19, London Pride featured a theme of hope supplied through inspirational stories at the fourth annual Pride Speakers Night held at The ARTS Project on Dundas St. Read more

Past FSU president takes home the Annual Charity Golf Tournament trophy
A Fanshawe alumnus and former Fanshawe Student Union president was the winner of this year's FSU Charity Golf Tournament. Read more

Taking pride in the fight against hate: London stands strong for victims in Orlando
The people of London came out in a strong show of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community in the face of the vicious attack in Orlando days ago. Read more

Love and support in the face of hate and terror
On June 12th, in an act of unbridled hate and terror the lives of 50 innocent people were taken when a gunman opened fire at the Pulse club in Orlando, Florida. Read more

Fanshawe wins three awards national scholarships in broadcast journalism
Fanshawe Broadcast Journalism students won three national awards at the Radio, Television and News Digital News conference. Read more

Interrobang tries Bubble Soccer
You can make a fool of yourself just like the Interrobangers on June 22. Sign up at the Athletics desk in J building. Read more

Fanshawe sets out to help kids go to camp
For the second year in a row, campus security and special constables assisted Tim Hortons for the Tim Hortons Camp Day. Read more

Carrie Underwood leaves London in awe
Carrie Underwood put on an awe-inspiring show at Budweiser Gardens and Interrobang was there to capture some of the special moments.  Read more

Knights win the Memorial Cup second time in team's history
The London Knights brought home the Memorial Cup to expectant fans in Victoria Park on May 30. Read more

Goslings rescued from roof of F building
Two geese were spotted on the top of Fanshawe's F Building with their unhatched baby goslings. Read more


Make a splash and dive into summer
It's time to make a splash this summer and dive into the deep end. Indoor pools are out and outdoor pools are in. Read more