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Fanshawe alumna’s continued success
Positive feedback and progress
DIY Christmas Cards
Sweeter than your Christmas candy cane
Book lover’s gift guide
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Tea gift guide
It's time to grab a cup of cheer and make room on your Christmas gift list for your tea-loving friends. Buying your friend some tea would just be too easy and doesn't show much effort or creativity on your part. Read more

Secret Santa: a secret guide
All of winter's holiday spirit, seasonal snow and hot chocolate by the fire makes the best of Christmas, but most wonderful of all are the gifts. What better way to bring groups of people together than by exchanging little offerings for each other? Read more

Gift Guide The Workaholic
For the friends that just can't seem to get themselves out of their office or workspace, instead of asking them to leave their agenda behind, help make their time spent working more enjoyable. Read more

'Tis the season to celebrate more than Christmas
Christmas is traditionally a Christian festival, celebrated annually by billions of people religiously and culturally. For most, what comes to mind: is gift giving, caroling, Christmas music, an advent calendar, pine trees, bright lights and big turkey meals. Read more

The cinephile's gift guide
Signs of a cinephile in your life most likely include frequent quoting of Citizen Kane, an encyclopedic knowledge of German Expressionism and several impressively maintained film blogs exploring the subtle nods Lynch makes to Wilder in Mulholland Drive. Read more

Gift guide for vintage fans
Stumped on what gift to get for that ultra-hip friend of yours? A happy medium must be struck between mainstream and alternative. Check out these London vintage stores filled to the brim with handmade accessories and artsy knick-knacks. Read more

Nail your look this Christmas
Winter is here, which also means dry, flaky skin and cracked hands. It's time to give your hands a little TLC and a makeover with these cute and festive nail designs. Read more


Course Contemplation: Electrical techniques program
Scientist. Engineer. Technologist. Technician. Techniques. These are words synonymous with the School of Applied Science and Technology at Fanshawe College. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Someone tells you what you already know, but you needed to hear it again, anyway. Take a sweeping circular glance at the world that you're building. Read more

T'is the season for winter tires
Well folks, we're now into the winter season, and if you've lived in Canada for some time now, you'll know that messy weather is on its way. Read more


Reyno Rants: Crappy Christmas carols: Why I can't stand Christmas music
Christmas music is perhaps the most excruciatingly painful part of the holiday season. It even ranks worse than working at Walmart on Christmas Eve, trust me I've done it and it's not pretty. Read more


Reyno Rants: These five study tips will make sure to get you on the dean's list
Now I'm not pointing any fingers here but a lot of people did extraordinarily bad on their midterms. Read more

Twelve wishes of Christmas for the Fanshawe international students
Going back in time, one can wander and wonder about what we used to want and desire for this merry day. Read more


Crime prevention tip of the week
As 2016 comes to an end and the Christmas holidays approach we'll start this week's tip with some shopping safety. Oddly enough these ideas work all year long. Read more