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Patio Guide: You CAN sit with us
Festivals of the Summer
Conquering craft beer curiosity
Who the eff is stealing all the Fs?
Sun’s out runs out
Cycling infrastructure to improve for Londoners
5 easy DIY summer cocktails
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2016 first round NHL Draft prospect, Olli Juolevi
On June 24 to June 25, the 54th NHL Entry Draft will be held in Buffalo, N.Y. and the London Knights have a few players who are the top prospects. One of those players is Olli Juolevi, an 18-year-old defenseman from Helsinki, Finland. ... More

Best beaches in Southern Ontario
It's getting hot up in the 519, and what better way to cool down than to indulge in the beauties of Ontario? Clear waters, warm sandy shores, local artisan shops, all bathing under the beautiful summer sun, patiently waiting for the thousands of ... More


7 crazy nights
Martini Mondays Every Monday, put your pinkies up with a long list of martinis to choose, $5 a glass at the Martini Bar (on-top of Mongolian Grill). Taco Tuesdays It's true, nothing in this world is free, but for ... More

Take her swimming on the first date
The summer weather is finally making an appearance and it’s time to change up your makeup look to fit the season. The most common issue during the summertime with makeup is finding a foundation that will fight through the humidity and su... More

New London compilation by local musicians a six-pronged hit
The history of the flexi record goes all the way back to the 60s when they were first introduced as an inexpensive way to give music away in magazines in the time before CDs became commercially available. For over three decades the Soviet ... More

Stirring the pot: the changing face of coffee shops in London
Every year hundreds of thousands of Londoners flock to coffee shops; for most, they are as much as part of a daily routine as getting out of bed, or going to school or work. Whether it be Tim Horton’s, Starbucks or William’s, the co... More

Read it before it's released: Summer blockbusters and the books that inspired them
It can be hard to justify reading a novel during school when youíre weeks behind in your readings for class, but now that classes are finally over, the time has come to bring leisure reading back into your life. A great place to start is to read... More

With spring and summer comes an easy way to exercise
Spring has sprung and so should your new routine. Take advantage of those perfect days and get outside for fun and fitness: walking, jogging, hiking, biking, swimming, beach running, outdoor yoga, skateboarding/ rollerblading, outdoor team spo... More

Motoring: A rare pony car
The 2002 Roush Mustang Stage 3 Supercharged Time for something a little out of the ordinary. Rather than the usual new car review, this week’s feature is on a used car - but it is quite a special one. To the average person, the ... More


Beauty Boy: The perfect bronzer for the perfect tan
As summer is finally here, it’s time to lose the pasty, pale skin and bring back that beautiful glow. We all know that tanning beds and too much exposure to the sun can come along with some pretty major health risks, but there are many ot... More

A berry sweet way to spend the day
Now that summertime has arrived, so has the berry-picking season. Fresh fruit is a summer essential that can be eaten fresh, frozen or used in jams, pies and drinks. Why not skip the trip to the grocery store and make an outing of picking your... More

Walk against poverty at the World Partnership Walk
On June 5 at Victoria Park, an afternoon filled with fun, entertainment and food along with the 32nd World Partnership Walk will take place. This four kilometre walk is one of the many events and activities conducted by the Aga Khan Foundation... More

The truth about suncreen: Is it worth the risk?
One in four Canadians will die of cancer and two in five Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, according to the 2014 Canadian Cancer Statistics published by the Government of Canada. This is staggering, but true. Cancer is the d... More

London and District Distress Centre shutting down
The London District and Distress Centre, an immediate help line for people in crisis to call, is being shut down due to recent budget cuts. The centre, located at 255 Horton Street, has had a large role in the community since 1968. Its purp... More

Fanshawe wins eight medals at Ontario Technological Skills Competition
Fanshawe College took home eight medals from the recent Ontario Technological Skills Competition (OTSC) in Waterloo on May 2 to 4. Students from the Business and Technology faculties displayed tremendous talent in their fields winning four gol... More


Fanshawe downtown construction project reaches another milestone
Downtown London is one step closer to unveiling Fanshawe’s latest major infrastructure project. A team of workers has spent the past few months temporarily bracing the Dundas Street limestone façade and neighbouring common wal... More

The Interrobang tries Big League Ball
The Fanshawe Student Union took a group of Fanshawe College students out to the ballgame... specifically the May 17th Jays vs. Rays game, just one of the awesome events the FSU has planned this summer.... More

Interrobang visits Port Dover (PD13)
Interrobang Editor Jessica Thompson and other members of the Interrobang team visited Port Dover on Friday The 13th for their world famous Friday The 13th (PD13) festivities. Check out the video above and photos below for some of the sights and sound... More


London Rock n' Roll tour remembers city's underground music history
A new walking tour around Londonís downtown core will focus on the cityís rich underground music history. The tour, called London Rock ní Roll Walking Tour, will be hosted by London musician Paul Wootton Harlow, a member of bands such as The Sin... More


Letter to the Editor: Support for families left out of Liberal budget
Dear Editor, The 2016 federal budget is doing nothing more for families than leaving a $29.4 billion bill to pay for the Liberal government’s out-of-control spending promises. Families simply can’t afford Liberal tax hikes. Unfo... More

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