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Bike share program comes to Fanshawe
Fanshawe student creates colouring book for survivors
NHL glides its way back to London
Frosh concert brings country acts to the stage
Enhancing your college experience with FSU clubs
Knights acquire new skaters during off season
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Fanshawe alumnus makes school proud with a bronze medal win in Rio
London native and Fanshawe business alumnus Damian Warner arrived back home on Aug. 24 after winning a bronze medal in the decathlon during the Rio Olympic Games. Read more

The definitive Mac vs. Windows buying guide
Windows computers have been a cornerstone in offices and homes for many years. They’re pretty much the go-to choice for anyone's first computer, but they’re nowhere near as cool and hip as their big brother Mac. Read more

Time-Management: The story of a well-balanced agenda
The weekend is coming up and there has never been more excitement, though a dilemma stands in your way. Drake is coming to perform, a friend's highly anticipated birthday plans are taking place, you have an important test on the following Monday and a decision needs to be made as to which option to choose. Read more


Coaches Corner: What to look forward to with this year's varsity teams
With another new school year comes another chance for the Fanshawe Athletic department to strap on their equipment and get ready for an exciting season. Read more

Super summer smash hits
The only thing hotter than this summer was the music that brought us through it. It doesn't matter how much you hate pop tunes, it's hard to deny that they serve as great background music for pool parties, barbeques and drinking games. Read more

Meet your FSU Executives
Get to know your 2016/17 Fanshawe Student Union Executive team. Read more

Fill your fridge with food other than pizza: The Ultimate Grocery Guide
A look at where to buy groceries in London, and even how to get there. Read more


First week survival guide
One of the most stress inducing aspects of a new student's time entering post secondary education is the often dreaded first week of classes. Read more


Taking that leap into college life
The process of transitioning from high school into college is for many, one of the most intimidating changes we go through in life. Read more

Where to go when you gotta go: The definitive guide to Fanshawe bathrooms
In order to help you from pooping in a one-star bathroom at Fanshawe when you could put your butt on the five-star toilet you deserve, follow this helpful guideline and poop in peace. Read more

Your Guide To London
You may have just entered London for school or you have lived in London for years and are directionally challenged, and so you need a bit of help navigating around the city. Read more

Intramural sports start up again
Fanshawe has a variety of physical activities suited to your interests, and range from indoor and outdoor sports such as soccer, football, ball hockey, ice hockey, badminton and basketball to name a few. Read more

A stereotypical, low-budget horror film
If you are into low budget, stereotypical horror films, then the 1986 film Critters is for you. Read more

Fear For Thought: Into the woods
The Blair Witch is creeping closer towards us, with the eponymous direct sequel to 1999's found-footage phenomenon slated for a fall release. Read more