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F this, F that: The story of the missing Fs
Fanshawe Student Union welcomes two new VPs;
Bases are loaded...with talent
Organic does not mean unaffordable
The undeniable significance of upcoming film Ghost in the Shell
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"I'm not like other sports" alternative sports said
Don't like to dribble a ball, shoot a puck, or whatever activities active people are doing these days? Sometimes all people need is an ounce of creativity to spice up the thought of being active through sports outside of the classic basketball or baseball routines. Read more

Get Apptive
Living a healthy lifestyle is sometimes easier said than done. Whether it's a lack of free time in the day or finding motivation to get off the couch, today's apps are making it easier for students to get active. Read more

Workout supplements: Are they right for you?
It once seemed quite easy to just take vitamins and supplements and go about the rest of your day, but the culture has shifted and they are now a bigger aspect of people's lives. Read more

Yoga: A way of life
Yoga, although misconceived as just a form of physical exercise that is too slow for a lot of people's liking, is a form of exercise that works towards not just achieving personal fitness goals, but also experiencing the movements and achieving equilibrium in the brain. Read more

What Does Kerra Seay?: Trump is everyone's worst Tinder match combined
When I was in university in Ottawa I was a casual Tinder user. I didn't end up going on that many dates, but I used the app when I was waiting for the bus and ended up having some nice (and some not so nice) conversations with a variety of people. Read more


Stop fighting the freshman 15
The secret to surviving Fanshawe College is the freshman 15, shocking I know, but hear me out. It's no use fighting the 15 because it's a vicious hunter with a wide array of tools and traps. Read more

Ghosts: The forensic science in the making
One might consider that there are no ghosts, but paranormal activity exists, and is measurable with electric and magnetic devices. Read more


Rumours of Grace: Someone has passed away: Now what?
The mortality rate is high, extremely high. The human mortality rate is 100 per cent. This stat comes with a margin of error of plus-minus zero. Read more

Reyno Rants: People are friends not food
We are all guaranteed three things in life: death, taxes and the fact that sending an unsolicited picture of your dick to a girl is never going to get you laid. Read more

Beauty Boy: Suicide Squad: Joker tutorial
Probably one of the most popular costumes this Halloween for men will be the new version of the ever so famous Joker. Unlike the Jokers in the past who were animated looking, the Jared Leto Joker is much more simple and stripped down but creepy as hell. Read more


Crime prevention tip of the week
Welcome to the week before Halloween weekend. This coming week and weekend there will be numerous parties and good times to be had by everyone, but while you are partying, let's party safely. Read more

Medpointing you in the right direction
The school year is undeniably the most stressful time of the year. There's so much to do and such little time to stay active and stress-free. It's easier to pass time by browsing social networks like Instagram or Twitter, but is this a wise way to spend your days? Read more


The benefits of group exercise
Group exercise classes have existed for centuries, but the evolution of the way they are delivered has changed extensively, even in just the past 20 years. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
With the Moon spurring on all Fire Signs, you can look forward to a period of enlightenment. Your opinion of someone improves after you see their good side. Read more