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The Zolas start their tour off in London and do not disappoint
On March 14, Londoners filled Rum Runners to enjoy some indie rock from The Zolas. The show was a more intimate setting allowing lead singer Zach Gray to interact with the crowd. Read more

Wreckord Reviews: Sugary sweet with a side of eclectic
Charli XCX is in the midst of promoting her upcoming album, which is due in September, but what's this? Suddenly we have a mixtape to tide us over. Read more

Have you ever left a movie feeling scammed?
Kong: Skull Island is an action, adventure, monster movie and reboot of the King Kong franchise in which a group of explorers are stranded on a never before explored island called Skull Island. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Participate in events that mean something to you and you will connect with someone who stimulates your mind and encourages you to do something that will make a difference. Read more

Cooking is not as innocent as it seems in Macauley's The Cook
Wayne Macauley's novel The Cook has just the right amount of social satire to make it a quick read while still provoking thought about the food and service industry. Read more

Eat your greens
The more colourful, whole, raw foods you eat, the better off your diet and health will be. Colour typically translates to more disease fighting antioxidants, and more nutrients all around. Read more

Fanshawe fashion grad makes dream into a reality
Walking into Desi's Boutique, you'll be greeted by a breath of earth tones and a laid back, relaxed atmosphere that's reflected heavily to the clothing. Read more

Beauty Boy: Cut crease eye makeup trend
One of the biggest eye makeup trends, especially on Instagram, is the super sharp, cut crease eye. This look can be glamourous and creates a precise eye focus that is sure to turn heads. Read more


Crime prevention tip of the week
So here we are, just five weeks to go until the end of the school year for most students. Here is a reminder about some of Campus Security's programs to help keep you safe. Read more

Geek Love: do these geeks have game?
Find your fictional soulmate. Is it Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Velma Dinkley, Hermione Granger, or maybe The Doctor? Read more
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Beginner's guide: Breakdown to EDM
Diversity comes in many shapes, sizes and musical make-up. As a music enthusiast, the difference in the types of electronic dance music (EDM) is observably diverse, it's like saying everybody is the same because they are human. Read more

Diversity in the ears: get your geek on for local music
You are sitting in the car, windows rolled down with the local radio on. A new song is playing, and it's good... really good. Throughout the hour you hear the same song repetitively, and the like for its beautiful melodies grow stronger with each play. Read more

What to do when they want to eat you... Zombie apocalypse survival guide
Welcome to the apocalypse. It's half past three and the minutes are dragging by as Mr. Schneebly drones on about the benefits of getting an early start on the term project. Rambunctious kids go running down the hall and typical Friday afternoon chatter can be heard from the nearby cafeteria. Read more

The ultimate bookwork bookstore guide
Would you rather be reading a book above anything else? Do you decline going out on weekends just to spend time with a special book? Are you always having to convince your friends that the book is always better than the movie? Read more

Geek vs. nerd
Geek and nerds. Two terms that once would have you once being considered an outcast have since changed and are not necessarily a negative connotation. Read more

Cult over classic
Surrounding yourself in a theatre with thriving sounds and a large mantling screen, accompanied by a group of people with similar taste in film, is extraordinary. Read more

From comic books to film, superheroes soar to new heights
Comic books have been a popular source of reading material for generations and films featured around the characters of these stories have followed closely behind. Read more

Escape the world with LARPing
LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing, is more commonly explained to be similar to the board game Dungeons and Dragons, but playing it live with costumes instead of playing it on the board. Read more

Beauty Boy: The war on dark circles
One of the most difficult complexion irregularities to correct is dark circles under the eyes due to the fact dark circles consist of hues of blue, purple and black. Read more


Crime prevention tip of the week
With the warming weather, here are some things to keep in mind. Drinking alcohol in public can get expensive. You can drink legally in Ontario when you are 19. If you are in residence there are some rules over and above the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario you need to follow. Read more


Delicious French toast n' drunken berry
With St. Patrick's Day coming up, you should really plan on eating something that will fill you up to begin your day. If this food happens to have some alcohol in it, well that is just convenient and delicious. Read more


Exercises to help you out of you mid-semester lull
Need a mid-semester pick-me-up? This always seems to be that time of year when reality sets in (more studying, more stress) and resolutions are long gone. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Review what you have done in the past and apply what you discovered to a situation you face now. It will encourage you to go after a position that offers more clout. Read more

Wreckord Reviews: Learning math with Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran, everybody's favourite redheaded folk singer, is back with an impressive (exhaustive) 16 track deluxe album entitled Divide. Read more

Logan is a bold, mature and heartfelt take on a superhero film
Logan is the 10th installment in the X-Men superhero film series and the third and final to feature Wolverine in which he embarks on a road trip in the dystopian future of 2029 to save a young mutant girl with powers similar to his own. Read more

A brownie and cookie lover's dream: Double chocolate brownie with buttercream icing and Oreo crumble
Gooey chocolate chips on the inside with a crisp top makes this the perfect brownie that's rich in chocolate flavour and the perfect vessel for buttercream icing and crumbled Oreo topping. Read more

Fanshawe fashion design grad finds success and support with online boutique
Nicole Snobelen knew from a young age that she wanted to be a fashion designer. It all began from a clothes matching and colouring game that her aunt had given to her. Read more


Crime prevention tip of the week
There are stories of break-ins to homes and thefts from vehicles circulating around school. Here are some helpful crime preventing tips. Read more