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Fanshawe Student Union launch Humans at Fanshawe initiative


The Fanshawe Sutdent Union (FSU) launched a Humans at Fanshawe initiative as a way to "humanize" the college. Candidates can share or answer different questions, which will go alongside a photo of them.

Jen Doede | Interrobang | News | November 27th, 2017

The Fanshawe Students Union (FSU), launched a Humans at Fanshawe initiative as a way to get to know students across campus.

The initial soft launch of the event was on Oct. 10, during World Mental Health Day activities on campus.

The initiative, inspired by Humans of New York, seeks to talk to members of the Fanshawe community and share their stories with others. The initiative is being spearheaded by (FSU) Student Life Co-ordinator, Kate Morris.

“The point of the Humans at Fanshawe initiative is to show that everyone on campus is human. We want to humanize our school. There are 16,000 students walking around every day at the London campus alone,” Morris said.

Students will also have input on which photos will be used for each story, whether it be a standard portrait or them performing a certain activity or talent. Fortunately, students who feel stumped on what to talk about during their interview do not need to worry because the FSU has a list of quirky and interesting questions for students to ponder. “Students are able to say a quote, answer a question or talk about what they see fit,” Morris said.

Morris explained that students who wish to participate in the Humans at Fanshawe initiative will sign a release form to give permission to the FSU to post their photo with their short blurb to social media.

The photos and stories will be shared on the FSU social media pages under the hashtags #HumansatFanshawe and #FOL.

“It’s a way for students to see how other students are feeling on social media,” Morris said.

Students interested in sharing their story should stay tuned in and follow the FSU social media pages for more updates. In addition, students can contact Morris at to set up a time and place to be photographed and get their message out.
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