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FSU add strike FAQ section to their website


Students can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the aftermath of the strike at the FSU website.

Jen Doede | Interrobang | News | December 4th, 2017

The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) has added a list of frequently asked questions with answers regarding the aftermath of the faculty strike on the ‘strike update’ section of their website. The website provides information regarding details on the semester withdrawal process and how students who choose to withdrawal will receive their tuition refund. The website also answers if health plans and bus passes will be affected due to the extended semester.

“We added a frequently asked questions section to our website to benefit the students so that they can get any information that they need regarding the strike, especially related to the Student Support Fund and tuition refunds,” Morganna Sampson, president of the FSU said.

Directly above the FAQ portion, students can view a list of recent updates and statements from the FSU and the College regarding the aftermath and altercations to the academic year as a result of the five week strike.

In addition, the student union disagrees with the current application and eligibility process to receive compensation from the Student Support Fund. Instead, the FSU is proposing that all full-time students should receive financial support for their hardships throughout the strike. “Students have been adversely affected by the strike and will continue to be impacted in various ways. An application process cannot take into consideration the vastly unique impact the strike has had on students,” Sampson wrote in her open letter to Minister Deb Matthews and Fanshawe President Peter Devlin in regards to the Student Support Fund.


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