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  Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

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Monday, April 14th, 2014

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  Monday, April 20th, 2009 > News > F.A.T.S. Knows!

F.A.T.S. Knows!

Published: Monday, April 20th, 2009

Final grades and academic standing

If you are a day school student and your classes end April 24, your final grades for this term will be on WebAdvisor May 5. (You may see grades on Fanshawe On-Line, but your official grade is only on WebAdvisor.) Log on; go to Academic Profile, then View Grades. Pick the correct term, and click Submit.

In addition to your grades, each term you are assigned an Academic Standing. Academic Standing is your status towards completing your program requirements. Look above your grades for your Academic Standing for the term.

F.A.T.SIf your standing is Academic Probation or Conditional Continuation you must contact your Program Coordinator to see what you must do to improve your standing next term. If your academic standing is Required to Re-Apply, your registration for the next term will be cancelled and you must speak to your Program Coordinator about being readmitted to your program. Please see College Policy 2-C-05 at for complete details.

Have you completed your program? If you believe you’ve finished, make sure your academic office agrees, or your paperwork might not get sent to the Graduation Office.

Who is FATS, anyhow?

FATS (Fanshawe Assistance To Survival) is brought to you every week by staff in the Office of the Registrar. We’re the people who admitted you to your program, collected your fees, posted your grades, prepared your T2202A (tax form), and we’re looking forward to your graduation, coming soon. At one time or another, you’ve visited us, telephoned us, emailed us, or checked out our information on the web, FanshaweOnLine, or WebAdvisor.

We see a lot of people! Over the last eight months, we’ve seen approximately 50,000 customers at our front counter in E1012 – that includes nearly 12,000 people in January, our busiest month. Come see us if you have any questions before you leave for the summer.

We’re also the college’s Phone Centre, and we answer all the main college telephone lines and the main college fax line. We answer questions about everything, from “what programs do you offer” to “I have a meeting somewhere at Fanshawe, but I don’t recall the room – can you help me?” In the last eight months, we’ve answered 138,000 telephone calls.

We’re also Admissions, and we processed your application to Fanshawe College. This past Fall and Winter we handled more than 40,000 program choices. For Fall 2009 we’ve already processed applications for more than 33,000 program choices. (If you’re finishing a program and want to consider a graduate program we still have seats available. Look for the list of open programs on

We’re also Financial Aid. We help you with your OSAP application, answer your questions, and process your loan paperwork. In the last eight months, we’ve seen more than 18,000 customers in E2020, and we’ve answered nearly 10,000 phone calls.

We’re also the Welcome Kiosk. We answer your questions about how to get to the third floor of F, how do you get your timetable, where is the Used Bookstore, the date of the next Blood Donor Clinic, or how to get something printed for class. Over the last eight months we’ve helped nearly 20,000 people.

We’re also AskFanshawe. Never tried us? Go to Fanshawe’s web page at, and look for the AskFanshawe logo. Ask your question! You’ll be one of more than 18,000 questions we answered in the last eight months.

We partner with the Student Success Centre to help you get the service you need, for the success you want. Let us know how we can help you!

Important Dates

Note! Fanshawe College programs each fall under one of three academic calendars – 15-week, 16-week, and 18-week semesters. Make sure you know where your program fits! If you aren’t sure, talk to the helpful folks in your Academic Office.

Last day of classes for Winter 2009(15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) - Apr 23, Apr 23, May 15

Exam days Winter 2009 (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) - Apr 24-30, Apr 24-30, May 19-22

Orientation, course registration, timetable changes begin for Summer 2009 (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) - May 4-8, May 4-8, n/a

First day of classes for Summer 2009 (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) - May 11, May 11, n/a

First release of OSAP for Summer 2009 - May 11, May 11, n/a

Office of the Registrar
... We’re working for you

This column is a Student Success Initiative sponsored by Counselling and Student Life Services, Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar.

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