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  Thursday, March 26th, 2015

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  Monday, September 28th, 2009 > News > Local Business Profile: Smoking shisha not crazy

Local Business Profile: Smoking shisha not crazy

Ivana Pelisek
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Published: Monday, September 28th, 2009

Truly a gem in the city of London, Crazy Joe’s Shisha Café has been a long time coming for the many multicultural persons who call London home.

Located on Wharncliffe Rd. across from Source for Sports, the café has been open about a year.

“I found that London was in need of a place like this,” said Joe Alomeiri owner of Crazy Joe’s Shisha Café.

From Thursday Salsa nights to Monday night belly dancers Crazy Joe’s Shisha Café caters not only to the 40,000 Londoners of Arabic decent who might come and visit, but to anyone who wants to enjoy a unique experience.

At Crazy Joe’s Shisha Café guests are encouraged to come by and smoke from a shisha pipe (originally known as a hookah) where the flavour options are almost endless.

The herbal smoke is free of nicotine, tar and tobacco and is easily enjoyed with your favourite beverage and a group of friends. Some of the flavours include mango, chocolate, mint or whatever your heart desires.

Alomeiri who came to Canada three years ago can only remember what life was like before moving to London. A native of Jordan, Alomeiri did not always have it easy. Living life as a refugee, Alomeiri has finally found peace in the city of London.

Arriving in London he noticed it lacking a place where people can go to just relax and be with their friends that wasn’t your typical “going out” hangout.

To Alomeiri, the café is a “multicultural coffee shop” where all walks of life are welcome to come sit and relax with friends and family.

The laid back atmosphere has flat screen TV’s, comfortable chairs and tables and also leather couches for that upscale feeling of class.

Since opening last fall, Alomeiri said he is pleased with the weekend turnout of people he gets at his café.

For more information about Crazy Joe’s Shisha Café and their nightly entertainment schedule be sure to visit their website at

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