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  Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

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  Monday, October 11th, 2010 > Lifestyles > Zoot: Men and makeup

Zoot: Men and makeup

Joshua R. Waller
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Published: Monday, October 11th, 2010

The majority of men in today's society do not wear makeup. Why? Men are too careless and usually won't take the time to make themselves look nice. They don't want to feel emasculated, nor do they want to be labelled feminine or as a "pretty boy." However, as the times are changing, men wearing makeup has become much more socially acceptable.

We have always had those male icons who wore the over-dramatic and theatrical makeup such as David Bowie and Boy George, but now we have celebrities who are creating their own makeup lines, specifically designed for men. For example, Adam Lambert's makeup line is being released soon. "Even straight men are going to want to give it a try," he said about it.

Little do men know, there is makeup they can wear without looking feminine. Makeup's technologies are so advanced you can wear it without being able to tell it's there. This makeup can create a perfectly even-toned face that not only makes for a charismatic man, it adds a lot of sex appeal. Men who work with other people, especially salesmen and businessmen, may even see a huge increase in their job performance and sales.

Go to your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora, and the cosmeticians will gladly help pick out the best products. Be daring and try something you would have never even dreamed of doing before.

Here are a few simple steps that can be done by anyone!

1. By far the most simple is lightly brushing translucent powder over the face and neck, creating an even skin tone.

2. To cover up any blemishes, you can use a small amount of cover-up or a concealer stick (make sure it is blended well).

3. For more coverage, using any type of foundation (that matches your skin colour cosmeticians can help with this) will rid your skin of impurities and create a clean, flawless skin tone. Foundations come in creams, liquids, powders, mousses and tinted moisturizers.

4. Brushing bronzer all over the face will add some colour without looking like an oompa loompa (no one likes an orange or pasty face).

5. Men have the most beautiful eyelashes but are too oblivious and have no idea how to work with them. With an application of mascara, the eyes will really pop and the eye colour will be accentuated.

6. A clear lip gloss or nude lipstick/ lip liner creates perfectly contoured lips that can be irresistible.

7. A thin application of white eyeliner to the bottom lid brightens the eyes and gives an overall, younger appearance.

By reading this you may think it may make you look ridiculous, but the truth is, once you try a few of these simple steps, you will see a huge boost to your looks. Not only will it give you flawless-looking skin, it adds a sense of professionalism and shows that how you feel and look really matter to you. Society is changing, becoming more and more accepting ... one step at a time.

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