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  Saturday, April 19th, 2014

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  Monday, January 10th, 2011 > Lifestyles > Zoot: The right accessories for winter help polish the look

Zoot: The right accessories for winter help polish the look

Joshua R. Waller
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Published: Monday, January 10th, 2011

Most men forget to add a key component when finalizing their perfect outfit: accessories. Then there are some men who overaccessorize with large, obnoxious chains, rings and wrist bands which just take away from the outfit and create an entire wardrobe crisis.

This winter's accessories are all about practicality, sophistication and fur lining. A lot of this season's accessories have carried over from the autumn trends, especially the army style apparel.

Hats are the key accessory for this winter: the beanie, the aviator and cadet cap as well as fur earmuffs are the must-haves. The beanie hat was made famous back in the 1940s but then fell out of popularity when the baseball cap was invented. It wasn't until later when Bob Marley started wearing the beanie hat that it began to regain its popularity. Throughout the years, it continued to be revamped with fluorescent colours and various beads and gems. It is now extremely popular with not only the younger generation but with adults as well. Celebrities such as David Beckham are avid wearers of the beanie hats as it gives their wardrobes an urban feel.

The aviator hat and cadet cap are carried on from the autumn military trend of taking vintage styles of military clothing and updating them so they look more modern. The hats are made with vintagelooking leather with a fur trim that lines the entire hat to give it an edgier look. These hats are usually made with a leather chin strap to give a real military feel; however, it is usually advised not to use the strap because it can tend to throw off the whole wardrobe. The aviator hat and cadet cap work perfectly with any double-breasted or peacoat as it completes the military look.

Other must-have accessories include suede gloves lined with fur, argyle patterned scarves and various military-style leather boots that also have a fur trim. These accessories can be worn together without it looking like it is too much as long as the colour scheme all matches up. Most of this season's accessories are in shades of black and brown, with a few highlights of colour.

Unfortunately, since these accessories are made with leather, fur and suede, they tend to be a lot more expensive and can only be found at exclusive retailers such as Holt Renfrew and other designer outlets such as Prada and Armani. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives that still fit in with this season's trends. They are the same style of accessories, the only difference is, they are not made from real fur and leather. Places like Winners, Aldo and Le Chateau sell identical accessories to the "real deal" but for a more affordable price.

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