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  Thursday, April 17th, 2014

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  Monday, March 12th, 2012 > Interactive > Question of the Week

Question of the Week

Published: Monday, March 12th, 2012

What are you doing on St. Patrickís Day

Kiera Squire "I havenít decided yet, probably going out."
- Kiera Squire
Dalton Churchill "Getting to together with a group of friends and celebrating luck for the year."
- Dalton ďWinstonĒ Churchill
David Fleuelling "Nothing... I donít need a day to tell me when to drink. If I want to drink, I drink!"
- David Fleuelling
Jake Davidson "Getting hammered!"
- Jake Davidson
Shawn Wall "Iím not doing anything! I donít drink, so what is there to do, really? No, seriously, what else is there to do? Be a DD for my drunk, annoying friends, who claim to be Irish once a year? No thanks!"
- Shawn Wall

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