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  Friday, April 18th, 2014

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Monday, April 14th, 2014

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  Interrobang issue for Monday, March 19th, 2007

20 Questions: Funny guy looks for perfect lady
Michael Dren is a tall guy from Burlington, who likes to hang out with his buddies and Pechka...his bong. 1. What... More
Question of the Week
Click here to view.
Fanshawe puts the kibosh on campaign slogan
“Vote or Die” is acceptable for many popular celebrities, but not for Fanshawe College. Posters that were placed a... More
New building gets big boost
Up to 1000 Fanshawe students will have a new home in September thanks to a $5 million investment from the Ontario G... More
Fanshawe goes global
Globalization is becoming a reality for Fanshawe College. Gregg Erauw, international project specialist in Fanshaw... More
Candidates compete for next year’s FSU positions
Candidates for next year’s FSU executive line-up saved the scrapping during the speeches and presidential debate la... More
Networking your way to the top
No doubt you have heard stories about people who have landed great jobs without ever applying for work. Never had t... More
Rally for Kyoto
An estimated 125 people gathered in London’s Victoria Park at noon on Sunday, March 11 to rally as part of a nation... More
Presidential Rumble: Renzella vs. Mazereeuw
J.P. Renzella Q: How are you going to increase awareness of the FSU on campus and in the community? A: “In the... More
President’s Perspective: How to booze-it-up Pres-style
Alcohol is just one of those life’s greatest mysteries. Why? Because after five years of being allowed to legally c... More
F.A.T.S. Knows!
How do I graduate? Around the middle of June, hundreds of successful students cross the graduation stage and are... More
Why are bananas 29¢ a pound?
Do you ever question your contribution to exploitation and environmental degradation? Do you ever think about all t... More
Faith Meets Life: Bonus features spark debate
In one of the bonus scenes on the DVD version of Stranger Than Fiction, the interviewee, an author, says she does n... More
Stop laughing at poor Britney
First of all, I’m not a Britney Spears fan. In fact, there’s very little I actually know about her, her life and he... More
Comedy on trial
A pair of Much Music comedians will be making stomachs hurt from laughter when they make a stop in London on March ... More
Cinema Connoisseur: Relationship strain on set of Rollerball due to intense roles
Rollerball (2002) Sports and the cinema have long enjoyed a successful marriage. There are classics from the bas... More
So you wanna be in a rock band?: Rules of rock: Part II
Continued from last week... Rule #5: Bring your producer a CD by a familiar artist that illustrates how you want ... More
Listen to the X
Make sure you tune in and listen up because we have a huge contest coming up. It’s going to be your chance to Flip ... More
Fashion Fashionista: Modeling behaviour
Everyone dreams of the glitz and glam life of being a model or actor. Whether you’ve got what it takes or not to su... More
Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) Think quickly and with clarity. Empathize with irrational people and channel them int... More
Ask the Sex Doc: Tickling Elmo in all the right places
Dear Sex Doc; When I was a teenage boy I used to rub my dick on my favourite childhood teddy bear. When that got b... More
Musical Ramblings: Taking time for a tasty lunch
Just before I get into the meat of this week’s review, I have to say that I can’t believe that nobody has put in th... More
Chef's Corner: Taking time for a tasty lunch
Whether summer job searching, paper writing, career planning, university applying, apartment hunting, spring cleani... More
Successful season ends in disappointment for Falcons
with files from Jairus Patterson (106.9 The X) [Truro, N.S] An injury to the Falcon’s star player led to a disap... More
Sewell takes top athlete
with files from Jairus Patterson (106.9 The X) The Falcons walk away with the most prolific individual award i... More
Fun and Fitness: Gym ettiquette to avoid getting your ass kicked: Part II
Last week, I went over some proper gym etiquette we should all follow to the best of our abilities. The list includ... More
Around the Ring: “Pathetic” matches in the ring
With Wrestlemania fast approaching, the WWE is still not hyping up more matches or going anywhere with most of thei... More
Motoring: The new CR-V makes for a boring drive
Honda is a car company that typically always impresses. All their cars are not only well made, but they are also gr... More
New sheriff riding high on campus
Mayberry’s Barney Fife was unavailable and Steven Seagal said he had more important things to do like save the worl... More
Brit’s skinhead style a show of love
Apparently Britney wants to reconcile with Breckon Prest. A few weeks ago, just a few days into their honeymoon, Br... More
Lohan resumes partying fresh out of rehab
Just days out of rehab it appears Lindsay Lohan is back to her old intoxicated self, stampeding from club to club i... More
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