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A letter from FSU President Morganna Sampson to the students of Fanshawe

Published: November 21, 2017

Welcome back students! The strike is over and classes have resumed.

Arrangements have been made to assist you in completing a successful academic year. You will lose 11 days of the Fall semester and 5 days of the Winter semester. I highly suggest that everyone attend one week back to classes before making a decision to withdraw. Don't let this strike cause you to graduate any later than you'd planned if you can help it.

As per the Ministry, a tuition refund is available for students who want to or need to withdraw from this semester. This refund however doesn’t include the cost of your books, some ancillary fees, the rent you’ve paid for the last few months or your time spent during this semester and may not be ideal. Please also be aware that OSAP will be adjusted accordingly. Answers to these questions are still in progress however more information can be found at the Registrar’s Office.

The current plan to accessing the student hardship fund via an application process is not a system we are supporting. We would rather see every student receive compensation for hardship rather than support be given to only a few who are able to prove their hardship. Students were all affected by this. Your Fanshawe Student Union is standing up for you and saying that every student should receive compensation for the hardship they endured in the strike along with the 16 days of class that will be missed cumulatively between the fall and winter semesters. All of our decisions are and will be made in the best interest of all our members.

The FSU will continue to ensure that there are services to support your success. If at any point you feel this is not happening, please contact the FSU front desk and we will offer assistance.

I was beaming with joy this morning as I walked into the College seeing all of the students around again.

We are happy to have you all back and here for you if you need anything.


Morganna Sampson
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