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Bus Pass

August 16, 2021 update: For the Fall 2021 Semester, full-time, fully-online students (London Campus Only) are now able to purchase a LTC bus pass at a rate of $268.70 through the Fanshawe Student Union Office. Please note, that this pass will be effective starting September 1, 2021 or the date of purchase until August 31, 2022*. Please complete the online form and you will be contacted via email for payment, if qualifications and eligibility are met.
*some restrictions apply and no refunds will be issued.

For additional options, please visit LTC Website for information on bus fares and passes.

For the Fall 2021 Semester, full-time, post-secondary ‘blended learning’ students at the London Campus have paid for their bus pass in their Ancillary Fee Package and will receive the service starting September 2021 after you have obtained your FANCard.

For more information on FANCards, please visit the FANCard page on Fanshawe College’s website.

July 23, 2021 update: The FSU will begin selling LTC Bus Passes for the Fall 2021 Semester for full-time fully-online students (London Campuses Only) on August 16, 2021.

Please note, you must have a physical FANCard before purchasing a LTC Bus Pass. For more information on FANCards, please visit the FANCard page on the Fanshawe College website.

May 14, 2021 update: Starting Fall 2021, full-time, post-secondary blended students at London Campuses will be billed annually for the LTC bus pass.

Instead of paying the fee each semester (2021-2022), students will be charged the following: September (12 months of the fee), January (8 months of the fee) and May (4 months of the fee), to eliminate any between semester issues, streamline the billing process and allow students access from their start date to August 31st.

The breakdown of ancillary fees for the 2021-2022 academic year can be found here:
Ancillary Fees

Bus Schedules

LTC bus schedules can be found at:

Bus Pass Policy

Policy No. & Title: G104: Fanshawe Student Union Bus Pass Policy
Last Approved: SAC 11/2016
Next Review: 05/2020

1. Intent

The purpose of the bus pass is to provide unlimited ridership on all regularly scheduled London Transit Commission (“LTC”) buses from September 1st until August 31st to Fanshawe College students. An agreement was reached between the LTC and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU), contingent upon certain guidelines. The FSU is responsible for maintaining and enforcing those guidelines. This policy aims to accomplish that.

2. General Guidelines

1. Any full-time, registered post secondary student at Fanshawe (London Campus only) shall be entitled to the use of a Bus Pass as issued by the FSU under the agreement with the LTC.

2. Possession and use of this Bus Pass will be governed and regulated by this policy and the LTC.

3. The following definitions apply:

“Academic year” shall mean from September 1st until the following August 31st.

“Administrator” shall mean the FSU Bus Pass administrator.

“Bus Pass” shall mean a FANcard issued by the Fanshawe College Office of the Registrar, in accordance with the FSU-LTC agreement.

“Student” shall mean any full-time, registered, post-secondary, student at Fanshawe College (London Campus only).

Limited Actions

Each student must use their Bus Pass in accordance with the following guidelines. The user will be deemed to accept the terms and conditions of the Bus Pass upon first use of the Bus Pass:

1. FANcard must be presented and tapped on the on-board validator at the front of the bus.

2. The FANcard shall not be used in contravention of this policy, any FSU-LTC agreement pertaining to the Bus Pass, or any regulation of the LTC.

3. A student must not make fraudulent use of a Bus Pass, which includes, but is not limited to:

   i. allowing, either directly or indirectly, another individual to use their FANcard, regardless of whether or not the other individual is a student, and whether or not the other individual is entitled to a FANcard;

   ii. altering their FANcard for the purpose of fraudulent access to LTC services;

   iv. attempting to make use of, or using, another student’s FANcard for the purposes of using of an LTC bus transportation service;

   v. possessing or using an unauthorized FANcard.

4. A student shall report any lost, stolen or mutilated FANcard’s to the Office of the Registrar.


1. A student will be subject to penalties for not complying with this policy.

2. Penalties shall include, but not be limited to, any or all of the following:

   i. Levying of administrative costs;

   ii. Suspension of FANcard;

   iii. Loss of FANcard;

   iv. ‘Student Code of Conduct’ consequences;

   v. Penalties imposed by LTC which may include criminal charges being laid and/or banishment from services under the ‘Trespass to Property’ Act.


1. Replacements;

a. Lost, stolen or mutilated cards may be replaced subject to costs and an administrative fee at the Office of the Registrar.

2. Notification of Infraction;

a. Where there is an alleged infraction, either the FSU or the LTC will confiscate the FANcard in question from the student;

b. Notification of all confiscations shall be sent to the Administrator.

c. Any confiscated FANcard in possession of the FSU will remain in possession of the FSU unless it is returned to the student in accordance with this Policy.

d. Any involved student may make a written petition to the Administrator in return for the confiscated FANcard.

e. Any petition must be made within 30 days of the infraction, and should include:

   i. all relevant facts and matters, of which the petitioner is aware, that may have led to the confiscation; and

   ii. any consideration that may be beneficial to the Administrator in rendering a decision upon any student.

f. Should the Administrator return the FANcard to the petitioner, the FSU and LTC shall not be liable for any transportation costs incurred by the petitioner during the period of confiscation and review.

3. Decision of the Administrator;

a. Upon receiving a petition, the Administrator must deal with the alleged infraction within twenty-one (21) days after receiving the petition to decide on the appropriate action.

b. The Administrator will decide upon the appropriate action including:

   i. return of the FANcard while not levying a penalty; and/or

   ii. return of the FANcard while levying a penalty;

   iii. the Administrator shall invite the petitioner to a meeting where the petition will be addressed and the student may submit all material facts and arguments to support the return of their FANcard.

c. The Administrator has the option of consulting with the LTC to determine a proportionate penalty.

d. A written report of any meeting will be made available to the petitioner and available upon request within a forty-eight (48) hour period.

e. The Administrator shall inform the petitioner of the decision.

4. Appeal;

a. If the petitioner disagrees with the decision of the Administrator, he/she may present their case to the Student Administrative Council (SAC). The petitioner must inform SAC, in writing, of this request.

Lost Pass Service

If a student has lost (or had stolen) their FANcard, they may call Security at 452-4400, Office of the Registrar at 452-4277 or the LTC at 451-1347 to inquire if the pass has been found.

LTC return all lost, stolen or confiscated pass to the FSU administrator or the Office of the Registrar.

Co-Op Bus Pass

When a student is on co-op, they do not receive bus pass and they are not covered under the FSU Health Plan, as they have not paid their ancillary fees which these services fall under. However, students may be covered under the FSU Health Plan and/or obtain a bus pass for a fee.

Fall 2021 Co-Op Bus Pass - $268.70

Please note, that this pass will be effective starting September 1, 2021 or on the date of purchase after that until August 31, 2022*.
*some restrictions apply and no refunds will be issued.

Fill out this form to purchase a co-op bus pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following document contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding the bus pass.
Frequently Asked Questions – Bus Pass (PDF)

How Do I Use My FANCard on the LTC?

Simply tap your FANCard on the on-board validator located at the front of the bus.

>What if my FANCard doesn’t work?

  • If you tap your FANCard and a red 'X' shows up and says 'Already Tapped' you have already tapped your card on the on-board validator
  • If you tap your FANCard and a red 'X' shows up and says 'Error', please bring you FANCard to the FSU Office, SC 1000, as soon as you can

Only Full-Time Post-Secondary, London Campus Students, have paid for the bus pass.

If you are a part-time, CE, apprentice or on co-op, etc. you have not paid for the bus pass and therefore do not have access to ride the bus with your FANCard.

Please remember that your FANCard has a chip in it. Avoid damaging it.

The bus pass included in your tuition is restricted for your use only.

Operators will complete random checks and request to see your FANCard after you tap to ensure it is your card.

Any Issues or Questions?
Contact the FSU (SC 1000)

Feedback is welcomed through the customer service staff at LTC (519.451.1347) or

Rapid Transit Master Plan

To stay informed re: London’s Rapid Transit Master Plan, visit or follow SHIFT on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

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