Policies & Procedures

Catering by FSU Policies and Procedures

Thank you for supporting Catering by Fanshawe Student Union. We strive to give our clients the finest service possible, while providing our student community with ample opportunities for employment and professional growth. To ensure a smooth event-planning experience, we ask that you kindly review the following policies and procedures as outlined:

Menu Selection:

Should you desire a custom menu, please contact our Catering Services Coordinator at least three weeks in advance of your function. This will allow us to source and plan accordingly and ensure availability of products. Custom menus are subject to market price. We will gladly accommodate requests for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free and halal menu items with advance notice.

Booking, Pricing and Deposits:

We encourage you to save money by booking early. Food and beverage pricing of menus is conditional on orders placed and finalized at least 10 business days prior to your on-campus event. Orders received without 10 business days lead time, may be charged an additional 25% on the final invoice. Menu choices for bookings received less than seven days prior to an event may be limited to availability. Listed prices are subject to change.

Credit Application and Deposit Policy (external clients):

All clients must complete a credit application form. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 is required upon booking. A final invoice is sent after the event, with full payment required within ten business days upon receipt. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Service Charge:

A 15% service charge will be added to all external clients and conference groups.

Invoicing (internal College clients) :

All College clients must provide departmental GL Account coding at time of the booking.

Labour & Setup Charges:

Should an event require additional labour such as servers and bartenders, a standard charge will be applied at a four hour minimum. As part of our service to our clients, bartenders and servers are scheduled one hour prior to the event for setup and one hour post event for cleanup.

A minimum additional labour charge of $75.00 may apply to set up your function room. Charges will vary depending on size of room and setup required. Costs will be decided before the contract is finalized.

Linen Charges:

White or black linen is provided with all deliveries for the food table. For any additional guest, awards, or registration tables, a linen fee of $7.00 per table will be charged to the event. In the event of a special linen order (size or colour) other applicable charges will be applied.

Delivery Charge:

A delivery charge may apply to all functions outside Fanshawe College venues. External delivery costs vary depending on location.

Catering To-Go:

We require two business day’s notice for orders that are to be picked up by the customer. They will include paper plates, plastic cutlery and recyclable and biodegradable packaging. All orders are to be picked up at the location specified by the Catering Services Coordinator. Maximum of 25 people, limited menu options available. Maximum can increase with an increase in notice, i.e. more than two business days.

Administration Fee:

Any catering order placed less than two business day may be subject to an administration fee.


All internal events require full payment within 30 days from the date of the invoice, interest charges may be added to past due invoices. All external customer events require full payment within 10 days from the date of the invoice, interest charges may be added to past due invoice. A final invoice is sent after the event, all prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Advance payment may be made by cheque, cash or credit card. Unless billing privileges have been established, a deposit may be required to confirm the service on a definite basis.

Cancellation Policy:

In order to cancel your event, you must inform our Catering Services Coordinator as soon as possible. Events cancelled after a finalized contract will be invoiced for charges incurred up to the time of cancellation.

Order Times:

Please place your orders as early as possible, availability depends on the complexity of your order/event needs.

For larger events, our team requires an estimated guest count at least 10 days prior to the event. It is the sole responsibility of the client to advise the Catering Services Coordinator of the final guest count three full business days prior to the function. Adjustments or accommodations can not be guaranteed when providing less than three business days’ notice.

Weekend & Holiday Events:

Any events catered on weekends and holidays may incur additional charges. Please speak to the Catering Services Coordinator for details.

Guaranteed Numbers and Deadlines:

A final guaranteed number of guests is due to the Catering Services Coordinator three business days prior to your event. Clients will be invoiced for guaranteed numbers and any additional guests. Should your guest count go up unexpectedly on the day of the event, requests for additional food/beverage will be accommodated where possible. You will be billed for the final guaranteed count or actual number served.

Food Policy:

Our menus offer an extensive selection of choices. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to source the required ingredients, we will substitute with a comparable choice or ingredient. Certain menu choices can only be served at select locations; depending on size of the group, timing, serving facilities and food quality control. Only food and beverages provided by the Fanshawe Student Union kitchens may be consumed on premises. Food is not permitted to be packaged from any catered event on campus for take-home purposes.


Our entire team works to offer sustainable business practices across our campus operations. We work with the Fanshawe’s Facilities Operations and Sustainability to compost coffee grounds, and other food waste. We provide eco-friendly disposable tableware. We’ve removed plastic straws and bags from use across campus, and offer paper as required. We serve bulk condiments wherever possible to cut down on product packaging waste. Our chefs and procurement office source locally grown produce, protein and dairy throughout the year. We make many of our meals from scratch, using the freshest products available and we work with many local farmers, producers and processors.

Food Waste:

Minimizing food waste is extremely important to our philosophy that less food waste offers a better environmental footprint. We handle large quantities of food diligently to avoid food waste. If there is excess food from an event we donate it to our campus food bank and local food banks. Food that cannot be recovered or donated will be composted. Consult with our Catering Services Coordinator for advice on how to reduce food waste at your event.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions:

Catering will accommodate allergies and dietary requirements whenever possible. Notify us immediately of any dietary requirements. Providing us with guaranteed numbers helps us do our best to accommodate your guests. We do not have an allergen or gluten-free kitchen, but our team does their utmost to prevent cross-contamination and to communicate information about allergens to our customers. Allergy requirements communicated after guaranteed numbers are finalized will be charged as a full additional meal.

Ingredient and nutrition content of foods may vary due to changes in product formulation, recipe substitutions, portion size and other factors. Customers with concerns need to be aware of these risks. Catering by Fanshawe Student Union will assume no liability for any adverse reactions that may occur in the dining facilities. For assistance when dining on campus please ask to speak to the Catering Services Coordinator.

Alcohol Policy & Service:

We maintain a selection of quality wines, beers and spirits, and will happily make recommendations to complement your menu choices and your preferences. If you require alcoholic products we do not offer, you will be charged the full purchase price with no refund available.

Catering by Fanshawe Student Union is governed by the Provincial Liquor Laws of Ontario and the Rules and Regulations of Fanshawe College. Under the terms of the AGCO, Catering by Fanshawe Student Union is prohibited from allowing any individual or group to provide their own alcoholic beverages at any catered event on campus. Liquor service will be permitted only during normal licensing hours. No more than two drinks will be served to a guest at one time. We care about the safety and wellbeing of our customers. Clients will be invoiced for the difference in the event that bar revenues do not cover all costs.

Catering by Fanshawe Student Union reserves the right to refuse licensing your event if it does not meet specific operational requirements.

Alcohol Special Occasion Permit:

A Special Occasion Permit is required for any event with alcohol service. Please inform our team in regards to time, place, type of bar and guest number 1 month in advance for submission of the Permit. An administration fee may apply. Subject to approval, should you be serving any outside alcoholic beverages, corkage fees will apply.