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Faculty strike vote and bargaining talks on the rise for Ontario Colleges
On Sept. 14, a faculty strike vote will take place to determine whether the faculty from the 24 colleges from across Ontario support the Ontario Public Service Employees Union's (OPSEU) or the College Employer Council's (Council) vision for the future of the college system. Read more

Wall decals inspire students to study abroad
Four murals of picturesque locations from across the globe have adorned campus walls as part of a promotional campaign for Fanshawe students to learn about the plethora of options they have, when it comes to studying abroad. Read more

Success on orientation day
Fanshawe students were treated to a full day of fun with the College's orientation day, in collaboration with a number of groups, including the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) on Sept. 5th. Read more

Spreading positive messaging in a big way
Fanshawe's one day dedicated orientation on Sept. 5, was filled with fun and excitement for new and returning students, but it was also a way to share some positive messaging. Read more

Red Bed Talks event hopes to get students talking about consent
The latest addition to this year's sexual awareness fair will be the Red Bed Talks event. Read more

Ergonomics expert Allison Stephens comes to Fanshawe to teach the next generation of ergonomists
Renowned ergonomist Allison Stephens accepted the position as co-ordinator for the advanced ergonomic studies program in Fanshawe College's School of Public Safety. Read more

Fanshawe members' film to make its debut at TIFF
Fanshawe professor Meg Howald, will see her first full feature length film debut at the Toronto Independent Film Festival (TIFF) on Sept. 8. Read more

Fanshawe offering new healing program for sexual violence survivors
Fanshawe welcomes a new initiative aimed to help students who may have experienced sexual violence along with their support group. Read more

Booksellers' research highlights London's cultural history
London: 150 Cultural Moments is a lovingly-crafted look into London's often hidden-away arts and culture scene through the years. Their book launched earlier this summer, but has been in the works for some time. Read more

Fanshawe community gather for third annual president's breakfast
Fanshawe staff and faculty came together for president Devlin's thirds annual President's Breakfast on Aug. 31. Read more



From the Editor
With school and work back in session and everyone is steadily getting back into a routine, it's nice to not only catch up with friends, work and anything else that may have been put to the side while summer was in full swing, but also finding out what's new and exciting happening in and around the Fanshawe community is something to look into. Read more


Understanding Consent During Frosh Week
It's Frosh Week for thousands of Ontario students. That means summer drop offs, the excitement of new friends and experiences and also the tug of trepidation that comes with letting go for both parents and students. Read more

STI and STD Rates are Rising. Are Your Precaution Methods Increasing Too?
Without proper precaution measures, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can negatively affect your body's health and cause long-lasting and sometimes devastating effects. Read more

Cleaning and grooming your garden
How much money and time do you invest into styling and cleaning your head of hair? Now compare that to how much time you spend on your health down below. Just because you may be the only one that sees your nether regions, doesn't mean you shouldn't hold its cleanliness to the highest standard. Read more

What Exactly is Menstruation?
For women who might not remember their health studies, menstruation is the shedding of the thickened uterine lining that comes out of the vagina as a thickened blood or blood clots. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Don't let a debt that doesn't belong to you drag you down. Keep your personal info secret, and protect your passwords as well as your assets. Read more

Sexual Related Terms: Fandom Style
When works in the fan-based (fandom) community contain relationships and sexual content, we geeks have the right terms to categorize what you are viewing or reading Read more

Death Note: Adaptation not living up to fan expectations
On Aug. 25, an American live action adaption on the highly acclaimed anime series Death Note, was released onto Netflix. Read more


The not so great outdoors: Why public sex is overrated
Grouped in with the likes of orgies and other popular acts, there's little to no wonder why public sex is deemed a big enough theme to be given a category of its own in the world of pornography. Read more

Health and Wellness: Getting acquainted with a new wellness and fitness centre
Everyone who walks into a fitness centre for the first time has experienced fear, intimidation, anxiety, frustrations, etc. Read more

Abstinence: A look into possible reasons some people may choose to withstand being sexually being active.
While a person's decision to remain abstinent is not better or worse than someone who isn't, it is important from both perspectives to understand why some people make the decision to either be sexually active or not and to respect it. Read more

Consent: The black and white definition
Sex can be an amazing activity that brings two (or more) people together mentally, physically and emotionally wherein sensations are at an utmost high. On the other end of the spectrum, sex can really be just a meaningless, but fun romp and nothing more. Read more


Fanshawe-Sutra: New moves for the bedroom - Are you ready for this jelly?
If you're looking for your sex life to be a little more physical, here are a few unconventional positions for you and your partner to try out. Read more

Successful year for Canadian country music star Madeline Merlo
Canadian singer, songwriter and superstar extraordinaire, Madeline Merlo is having one of the best years of her musical journey so far. Read more

Old Dominion band members getting their happy ending(s)
With the success of their 2015 debut studio album Meat and Candy, Old Dominion is back with their latest album titled Happy Endings. Read more

Become a more embodied person: Less in head, more in body with Tantric sex
If sex was compared to food, one night stands and quickies would be the equivalent to fast food compared to the five star four course meal that is sexual continence. Read more

From Hysteria to Pleasure: The History of Vibrators
The first sex toys were not used for sex, they were phallic ornaments thought to ward of evil spirits and help gardens grow. Read more


Fanshawe all-around athlete running for a cause
On June 1, 2018, nursing student Danielle Austin will participate in a 63 kilometre run to help raise awareness and funds for research on Crohn's and Colitis disease. Read more

Motoring: 2017 MINI Cooper S 5 Door Seven Edition: Size is no match for this mighty model
When the Mini was first introduced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), in 1959, it was offered under two brands, Morris and Austin. Read more

Fanshawe athletes represent their sport on an international level
Two Fanshawe Falcons represented Team Canada in the 2017 International University Sports Federation (FISU) Summer Universiade Taipei Games in August. Read more

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