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Fanshawe faculty and students restore a 1967 Ford Falcon for Fanshawe's 50th anniversary
Over 100 students and faculty worked for over 2000 hours to modify a 1967 Ford Falcon to commemorate Fanshawe's 50th anniversary. Read more

Celebrating Fanshawe 50 at Budweiser Gardens
On Saturday Sept. 9, Fanshawe's alumni, faculty, staff and students gathered together at the Budweiser Gardens to enjoy Fanshawe at 50: Live in Concert. Read more

New events at the Fanshawe library this month
Here are some details about an ongoing event at the library, as well as one of the exciting events that has previously taken place this month. Read more

Fanshawe Student Union raising awareness for mental health
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) as their charity of choice this semester. Read more

Dining at Fanshawe
After a long summer of no classes, being back in school can really spark up an appetite. Fanshawe offers a wide variety of dining options on campus and there is something for everyone Read more

Fanshawe students win cash with campus Deal or No Deal game
Fanshawe students had the chance to win up to $1,000 during the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) Deal or No Deal event on Sept. 12. Read more

Fanshawe residence team lend a hand to The Sharing Shop
The residence management team along with one of the volunteers from The Sharing Shop stuffed 200 hygiene kits on Sept. 12. Read more



From the Editor
Hello Fanshawe staff, faculty, students and community members and welcome to another issue of the Interrobang. Read more


Reyno Rants: My roommate moonlights as a lumberjack
When living away from home, there was a long list of awful roommates that I met. There was the mold-lord, abandoning dishes in the sink until they turned from white to a sickly gray-green colour. Read more

Helpful advice for international students: When homesickness is a little further away
Transitioning from high school to university is already a big and challenging step, but as an international student, this step suddenly seems so much bigger. Read more


How to find your academic passion
Because of my varied interests in multiple disciplines, I've always had trouble trying to determine my academic passions. Read more


Sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone impress fans with their brand new album Snow
Australian brother-sister duo Angus and Julia Stone are back with their latest album Snow set to be released on Sept. 15. Read more

Fanshawe students sing their hearts out
Fanshawe students had a chance to show off their singing chops during karaoke at the Out Back Shack. Read more

If you're Glow-ing to watch Netflix, you need to watch this new wrestling series
Glow: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is a drama-comedy about the real TV show from the '80s and it's one new series you donít want to miss. Read more

It: The terrifying remake we were all waiting for
From the moment Georgie reaches into the sewer we are dragged through the horrifying and fantastical world of Stephen King's It. Read more

Manga review: In/Spectre
For manga fans out there, here is a series for you to check out. In/Spectre is a series of paranormal intrigue by author Kyo Shirodaira and artist Chashiba Katase. Read more

Health and Fitness: To deadlift or not to deadlift? That is the question
The deadlift is one of the most common exercises to add to your free-weight routine and is increasingly common in many group exercise classes. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Do a lot and say little. Your actions will speak volumes about the type of person, friend or partner you are. Anger solves nothing, but solutions, patience and hands-on help does. Read more

Wellness and Fitness Centre touts new tall wall to climb
Fanshawe's Wellness and Fitness Centre welcomes students and staff to scale their new 36 foot tall, three-story rock wall. Read more

Smoothies 101
Smoothies (if done correctly) are a great way to get a favourable portion of veggies, proteins, fruits, fi bres and many other important nutrients in a few delicious gulps. Read more

Ziploc your way to healthy eating
When hunger pangs hit, it's hard to concentrate on work or school as all your depleting energy is spent towards thinking of food. Read more

Coconut oil: The Magic Serum
Coconut oil can be used in an assortment of ways as a natural and healthier replacement to some of the foods, oils and chemicals people eat or use. Read more


New look for Freddie the Falcon
Fanshawe athletes will now have a newly designed Freddie the Falcon mascot to cheer them on and pump up the crowd during their games. Read more

Former Falcon returns as Fanshawe's women's assistant soccer coach
Former Fanshawe Falcons women's soccer star Jade Kovacevic returns to the team, this time as assistant coach for the 2017-2018 season. Read more

Take a tour of the new Wellness and Fitness Centre
If you haven't stopped by Fanshawe's new Wellness and Fitness Centre, now's your chance. The centre includes state of the art exercise equipment, a cool rock wall and much more. Read more

Motoring: 2017 BMW 540i: A luxury vehicle with the price tag to match
The BMW 5 series has been around since 1972. Now, in its seventh generation, this model keeps getting more technologically advanced and more luxurious. Read more

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