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Western University to begin offering pass/fail credit option in the fall
Come September, students at Western University will be able to take up to 1.0 pass/fail courses as part of their degree, according to the Western Gazette. Read more

London holds March for Our Lives protest
On Feb. 14, 2018, 17 students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla,. were brutality murdered after an expelled student entered the school with an AR-15 assault rifle and started firing. Read more

Fanshawe helping student entrepreneurs reach their goals
Fanshawe held its third annual Trampoline 60 second Pitch Competition to help student entrepreneurs get one step closer to their business dreams. Read more

Health Canada food packaging warning against sugar, sodium, and saturated fats
Health Canada is proposing required front-of-package labeling for products high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fats. Read more

Fanshawe paralegal students come together to revamp law publication
Various Fanshawe paralegal students collaborated to help inform the community regarding law-related issues, community events and the role/duties of a paralegal through their online news publication, The Nota Bene Student Newspaper Read more

Fanshawe and Lexus team up for Wearable Art Fashion Show
Fanshawe fashion marketing and management and design foundations students are hard at work building momentum for their upcoming Motion Wearable Art Fashion Show. Read more



From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week and issue of the Interrobang. Read more

Ineffective professors, like underachieving students, should be held accountable
Just as students need to follow rules and regulations when it comes to obtaining an education, instructors should also follow a code of conduct in order to help students achieve academic goals. Read more

Mind your mind: Social media malaise
Though social media can be an enjoyable experience, it's always good to unplug and perhaps delete some apps for a while for your mind, body and soul. Read more


Fanshawe students display their works of art at downtown London gallery
From March 20 to 24, Fanshawe second-year fine art students put together an art exhibit at the ARTS Project gallery as part of their visual research class. Read more

How Nathan Robitaille shaped a successful career
Fanshawe is proud to have had an alumnus of the Music Industry Arts (MIA) and Audio Post Production (APP) programs not only be involved in such a high calibre production, but also receive an Oscar nomination for Best Sound Editing. Read more

Health and Fitness: Understanding your personal fitness journey
How much should I weigh and how many calories should I be taking in? These are two very common and related questions we as fitness trainers get asked every day. Read more

Three things to do in London during spring
Spring break and reading week has just wrapped up for (most) schools. London has so much to offer to all different types of people. From indoor to outdoor activities the possibilities are endless. Read more

Annihilation: Insightful film that takes time to understand
Annihilation is a thought-provoking science fiction horror film that will leave the audience wondering about various events of the film long after they have left the theater Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Take care of personal matters. Don't get caught up in someone else's affairs. Lending or borrowing money, possessions or anything that could potentially leave you at a loss should be avoided. Read more


Knights' Night: Knights on verge of being eliminated
Think about the best possible start the London Knights could have had in the 2017-18 post-season. Well, the exact opposite happened. Read more

Motoring: The differences between hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric
The choices in hybrid-electric vehicles are expanding; so this week, we will look at three different examples, to see which is best. Read more

Spring street hockey tournament comes back to downtown London
Continuing a 15-year tradition, GOT GAME Sports will be reviving the annual street hockey tournament here in London after the original organizers announced at the beginning of this year that the tournament would not be running in 2018. Read more

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