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Parking shortage just another part of the new school year
Parking shortage just another part of the new school year


An interview with The Reklaws
Before they took the stage at the Fanshawe Student Union's Frosh Concert, The Reklaws spoke to Interrobang Editor Melissa Novacaska about their recent CCMA Rising Star win, their own time in post-secondary education and some of the amazing people they have had the opportunity to meet. Read more

Sarina Haggarty: Fanshawe MIA student already shining brightly amongst the stars
London native, Sarina Haggarty, is no stranger to the City's music scene and is a staple you can find performing at as many shows as she can, wherever she can. Read more

Forest City Comicon is geekier than ever
Attention geeks: the Forest City Comicon is taking place this weekend on Saturday Sept. 22 at the London Convention Centre. Read more

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich
Almost 30 years after the initial release of the cult classic film, Puppet Master, the thirteenth installment, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, graces us with its ridiculous presence once again. Read more

How to claw back your student debt (and practise local history) with metal detecting
Metal detecting is the perfect student hobby. It combines research and entrepreneurship with good-old-fashioned sweaty outdoor work. Read more

When sports meet tech
Fanshawe athletics is set to start a partnership with London-based company, Read more

Yoga: a way of life
Yoga, although misconceived as just a form of physical exercise that is too slow for a lot of people's liking, is a form of exercise that works towards not just achieving personal fitness goals, but also experiencing the movements and achieving. Read more

Under the influence: Understanding a Commandment
Jesus mapped out his ethics near the beginning of one of the written versions of his life. This one is called Matthew. Read more

Wanted: more parking at Fanshawe
The new school year has started and so has the frustration with the parking system at Fanshawe. Read more

Tampon Tuesday: Ten years of an ongoing issue
On the second Tuesday of every month, Jack Astor's on Fanshawe Park Road West hosts a networking event where admission is a donation of feminine hygiene products. Read more

Innovation Village: The future of a Fanshawe collaboration
An exciting project known as Innovation Village is in development at Fanshawe College, promising to bring the college and local community closer together and more connected than ever before. Read more

Fanshawe introduces five new programs
As Fanshawe continues to expand and new jobs are constantly being created, five new programs are now being offered at the college to accommodate growth. Read more

Exploring London's first vegan food bank
Brennan Moore began his journey with veganism two and a half years ago. Read more

London Votes: What mayoral candidates are saying on BRT
Unless you never step foot off campus, you've most definitely noticed that London's transit system and infrastructure desperately need upgrades to meet an increasing population. Read more

Motoring - A tale of two Mustangs: A further look at two different models
If you are even remotely into cars, you know a little something about the Ford Mustang. Read more

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