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Going veggie, staying healthy
There are many reasons people choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but there are a couple of steps to consider before takeing the plunge. Whether your decision is based on animal rights, religion or health issues like heart disease, choosing ... Read more

Women are not getting HPV vaccine
Only one in 10 young women have received the shot MONTREAL (CUP) — Jennifer Ranallo doesn't have to worry about getting the world's most common sexually transmitted infection. She was vaccinated against the human papillomavirus three years... Read more

Belly laughs and backflips: Looking at unconventional fitness for your mind and body
If you're looking to branch out from your usual fitness routine, here are two unconventional ideas to work out your inner and outer health. LAUGHTER YOGA This practice involves gentle breathing and laughing exercises instead of the usual p... Read more

Drunkorexia: Why a night out could be a red flag
There's a party on the weekend. You know you'll be drinking, and how many calories that could add up to, so you exercise like crazy the week before and cut back so you can "indulge" on Saturday night. Sometimes on those nights, there's binge dr... Read more

Local business profile: Yoyo's keeps it cool
The weather may suck outside, but Yoyo's Yogurt Café is providing London with a swirl of summer. Stepping into the café on Richmond Row, the first thing you see is brightly coloured walls, funky furniture and a long, curvy counter in the middle... Read more

Help for depression
Studies conducted across North America are revealing that the trials and strains experienced by students make them particularly susceptible to stress and depression. When you consider it; the transition to post-secondary studies is an overwhe... Read more

Airborne disease could be a thing of the past
Alberta researchers' spray could stop spread of disease through coughing SASKATOON (CUP) — If Malcolm King's new drug is developed, it will change the way we deal with airborne diseases. King has been studying the spread of airborne pa... Read more

Thrive, by Brendan Brazier Veganism For Athletes
Many top athletes are vegan. Bruce Lee was, and so are Mike Tyson and Ironman triathlete Canadian Brendan Brazier. Brazier, author of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, and other athletes debunk the myt... Read more

Documentary offers insight into the minds of schizophrenics
Jude Mersereau knew something was different about her since she was a teenager. She said she could "hear different parts of her brain talking to each other." At first, she wondered if she had been possessed by a demon. She also said she believe... Read more

The importance of sleep
Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, you can never put too much emphasis on a good night of sleep. If this isn't your first year here, you probably agree with that statement — you know that life and work in school can be very difficu... Read more

Arthritis affects young as well as old
Prevention now can help avoid the disease later WINNIPEG (CUP) — Like any former student, Darren Moffatt is building a career and enjoying life. Unlike most students, however, he is doing this while living with arthritis. "It was ... Read more

Not your momma's marijuana
The weed on today's streets is not the same stuff your parents used to smoke. In fact, it may not even be the same as what your older siblings or cousins used to smoke. According to a brain development researcher in London, Dr. Elizabeth Osuch... Read more

Agreeing with Gore over global warming
Is global warming real? Are human beings really destroying this planet? Can we still save it? …No seriously, is it? I have no idea and I cannot even begin to forecast any answers to any of these questions. Maybe you have seen it, maybe not, but I&#... Read more

Designing For The Earth
I am an environmentalist. Or at least I try to be. Stella McCartney is a designer that I aspire to be more like when considering the environment, as well as doing it fashionably by wearing designs from her collections. Daughter of Paul McCartney, ... Read more

Environmental Entertainment
Graduate of Fanshawe's Computer Programmer Analyst program and founder of Ponder Games, Dylan de Coning has released his first commercial game, based on environmental awareness. Called Pufu's Spiral, the game stars a penguin called Pufu, w... Read more

It Is Easy Being Green
It seems like everyone is “Going Green” lately. Wherever you look, there are billboards, magazines and commercials telling you to jump on the bandwagon and “GO GREEN”, but what does that really mean? We all want to have a p... Read more

So you wanna be in a rock band?: How to rock out on a greener planet
From an environmental perspective, it's pretty easy to see how a band's constant travelling and other practises are not sustainable or eco-friendly. But, it's not exactly like we can give it all up either, if we are intent on making it in... Read more

Eco-friendly bands make the earth a little greener
It hasn't necessarily been deliberate, but the slow death of the CD could be responsible for the biggest greening the music industry has ever seen. As more and more people choose to get their music from iTunes or other sources the industry conti... Read more

Fanshawe making green strides
Fanshawe College has refused to be anything but on-the-ball when it comes to going green and energy conservation, and a lot of the students may have already seen or felt the effects of this trend. In fact, the changes made on the London campus are e... Read more

Just one hour can save
Last March 31, 2.2 million people and 2,100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour — Earth Hour. This massive collective effort reduced Sydney's energy consumption by 10.2 per cent for one hour, which is the equivalent effec... Read more

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