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Franco-Ontarian students underserved yet again
On Nov. 15, the Ford government cancelled plans to open Ontario's first French-language university, alongside other cuts. Read more

A desert temptation makes Christmas understandable
In my last column I wrote about a story that appears a couple pages into the Bible. It is the story of how Adam and Eve, the first human pair in the Bible, were seduced into sin. Read more

KGK Science, learn how you can further natural health and get compensated up to $1000
Sponsored by KGK Science: KGK Science found its home in London, Ontario 21 years ago and has since been London’s Premier Research Clinic. KGK specializes in measuring outcomes in natural health products Read more

From the Editor
This issue happens to be our holiday issue, which includes a number of features to help you get in the holiday spirit. Our reporters compiled a number of gift guides to help you find great items to give to those you care about this holiday season. Read more

Jordan Peterson's read on the Bible's "Coming-of-Age" story (and how to improve on it)
Jordan Peterson is known for offering unexpected perspectives. His views on Marxism, Feminism and Gender are contentious to some. Read more

Smoke-free Fanshawe does not seem to be working out as planned
Fanshawe implemented a smoke-free campus on Nov. 1, but the College was not prepared for all of the entrances to the campus to be filled with smokers. Read more

From the Editor
This issue showcases the incredible talents of some of the athletes the College has this year. From cross-country to soccer, basketball and more, all Falcons athletes should be proud of themselves. Read more

If you pay your own tuition, you'll benefit in the long run
Many students have the luxury of their parents forking out thousands of dollars a year to pay for their tuition. Read more

Remembering the Fallen, my own way
Fallen, I stopped organizing Remembrance Day ceremonies and I do not anymore attend them very much either. Read more

From the Editor
This issue is our financial issue and includes a number of interesting and engaging features including one about thrift shopping, another about school awards and the Ontario Student Assistance program (OSAP) and another about financial tips. Read more

Teen to adult: Transitioning into the post-school world
Becoming an adult can be a tough thing to go through, but remembering your responsibilities over rights is a key stepping stone to making that transition. Read more

Why you shouldn't take an 8 a.m. class
I honestly considered myself a morning person until 8 a.m. classes screwed with my mental concentration. Read more

From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week and issue of the Interrobang. Read more

The ethics of Jesus, part three: Adultery
Committing adultery is something clearly not seen as a wise move even in Jesus' time, but it still happened from time to time. Read more

Going smoke-free is a violation to some folks
In recent years a number of properties such as colleges and universities, hospitals and sport stadiums have gone completely smoke-free. Read more

Plastic straws are harming the environment
In the past year there has been a lot of attention on the negative impacts of single-use plastic straws. Read more

Miami is sinking: Catastrophe and paralysis
Caring for the Earth is one thing, but taking as many steps, both big and small to actually make a difference is key to trying to save the environment. Read more

From the Editor
This issue happens to be our sustainability and waste issue. There are a number of key and important features that cover a wide array of topics. Read more

London needs your voice
It's that time again. There are signs on every corner, leaflets in your mailbox, and candidates are knocking on your door to share their ideas. And for many students, this may be the only time you hear from city politicians during your post-secondary education. Read more

The Lunar Effect: Fact or fiction?
The idea that there may be a correlation between the monthly lunar cycles and the behaviour of people or animals is known as The Lunar Effect and it dates back many years. Read more

My experience with antidepressants
For a little back story on my mental health, growing up I was known as a happy but shy kid. Read more

How social media isn't all bad for your mental health
Social media has had a huge impact on people's lives. From starting careers to creating friendships, social media does a lot of good. Read more

Overuse of social media can lead to mental health problems and a lower quality of life
Social media is everywhere and it is constantly changing. New apps are developed every day and the list keeps getting longer on what accounts you have to frequently check. Read more

Mental Health: Are you in isolation?
Making the right choice doesn't always come easy, but if you listen to the word of God, the process of morality may be a bit clearer for you. Read more

The pros and cons of 13 Reasons Why
The show 13 Reasons Why is one of the most controversial shows on Netflix right now. Read more

From the Editor
This issue happens to be our mental health issue. There are a number of key and important features that cover a wide array of topics, such as common mental health disorders, apps to help ease anxiety as well as mental health services available on campus. Read more

Under the influence: Understanding a Commandment
Jesus mapped out his ethics near the beginning of one of the written versions of his life. This one is called Matthew. Read more

Wanted: more parking at Fanshawe
The new school year has started and so has the frustration with the parking system at Fanshawe. Read more

From the Editor
This issue has a number of interesting pieces, including one about Fanshawe's parking lots and how drivers are having a hard time finding a spot to park and are paying a lot of money if they do get a spot. Read more

Education, wealth and power
Happy are the well educated. The rich can look forward to a fulfilling life. Blessed are the well-armed nations. Read more

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