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Question of the Week: What do you do to relax after a long day at school?
Mental Health Awareness Week starts today, and we asked you what do you do to relax after a long day at school? Twitter Jordan Simmons @jordan_hazel77 @fanshawesu #FSUInterrobang I usually make a cup of tea and take a nap! ... Read more

Sweet Tweets of the Week (Feb. 16th)
The Academy Awards will be handed out on February 22. Which film you think should win the Best Picture Oscar? Twitter Allison Himann @AllieHimann1203 Read more

Sweet Tweets of the Week (Nov. 24th)
Trivia Night is November 26 at 9 p.m. in The Out Back Shack, what fun fact do you know that could help you win? Jennifer Jaruczek @jennjaruczek The peregrine falcon is the... Read more

Sweet Tweets of the Week (Nov. 17th)
Support your fellow Fanshawe students on Tuesday, November 18th in The Out Back Shack as the top 10 Fanshawe’s Got Talent finalists perform in front of a panel of judges. If you were auditioning for America’s Got Talent what... Read more

Sweet Tweets (Nov. 10th)
Spice Girls tribute act WANNABE comes to Fanshawe on November 11 (get your tickets at the Biz Booth or online at If you were made an honourary Spice Girl, let us know what y... Read more

Sweet Tweets (Nov. 3rd)
What style of moustache would you ladies and gents want to sport during all of Movember? In other words, what kind of mo are you bros going to grow? Dylan Findlay for info), what would you make disappear? Sarahjei Campeau Right side promo banner

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