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The least sexy article you'll read today
You knew it was coming: it's time for the dreaded STI article. You're beat over the head with it in virtually every article about sex: use protection or face the consequences. "Consequences" is kind of a vague term, though, especially when paired wi... Read more

Top 20 favourite sex tips ever
1. Randy Rub-a-Dub-Dub Before you make love, take a bath together. Prepare the bathroom beautifully beforehand with fluffy towels and candles. Then put two drops of patchouli oil, three drops of sandalwood oil, and three drops of lavender oil int... Read more

Getting smart about staying safe
What you need to know about safe sex Whatever your sexual experiences have been — whether you're a (self-proclaimed) expert to a beginner — one thing is for sure: you need to know how to be safe, not only for yourself but for your part... Read more

Adventures in pole dancing
If you've ever taken a pole dancing class, you have a new appreciation for what professional dancers do. It's no longer something erotic — if it ever was to you — and now resembles something of an Olympic sport, I kid you not. Aradia Fit... Read more

Getting STI tested
Now that you're settled in to your schedules, you're gaining some equilibrium. It's hard work — between classes, homework, part-time jobs and more, you're getting pulled in a lot of directions. So get out and have some fun, but be safe. Let's ... Read more

Music to set the mood
Though it's never really been my M.O. to offer advice — particularly about sex — I do have a couple of suggestions you could employ to enhance the mood the next time things start to heat up. Atmosphere is an important part of sex; where ... Read more

Starting a dialogue on sexual assault
One in four women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime; less than one per cent of women ever come forward about their attack; and in 84 per cent of sexual assault cases, the victim knew their attacker. That's some scary information for somethi... Read more

Being transgender
Last week, the Interrobang received a letter from Kimberley, a transgender individual reaching out to those in the Fanshawe community who need support, and opening the dialogue of what it means to be transgender. Kimberley is a closeted male to fema... Read more

HIV: misconceptions and realities
This week is one devoted to sexual awareness, and it's also one devoted to taking care of your sexual health. Now before you turn the page, hear us out. Did you know that 30 per cent of Canadians who are HIV-positive don't know their status? Or that ... Read more

Bow-chicka-wow-wow not just for boys
Porn has always been thought of as a male-dominated arena. With the rise of the Internet, however, porn is more easily accessible than ever, opening it up to a whole new audience. Last year, a British parenting site called Netmums surveyed 4,200 wom... Read more

Sexy time with Bobby Foley
Want to be the best your lover has ever had? There's no surefire secret to being great in bed, but great sex has nothing to do with predictability. Instead, great sex has everything to do with enthusiasm, communication and lots of foreplay. Th... Read more

Show heats up the city
London will be getting a bit sexier from October 1 to 3. That's when the Everything To Do With Sex Show hits the Progress Building at the Western Fair. The show began 11 years ago in Toronto, and had its first show in London in 2008. "We tr... Read more

Business Profile: My First Sex Toy
Anyone with the idea that all sex shops are dingy places for lecherous weirdos can toss that stereotype out the window. The Stag Shop's uncovered windows, pink walls and brightly lit atmosphere make this sex shop a comfortable and relaxed place... Read more

STI - Sexually Transmitted Infections
If you are mature enough to have sex, you should be mature enough to acknowledge and recognize the infections that you are susceptible to.

Read more

Body facts
- In only one day's time, the human body sheds approximately 10 billion skin flakes. - Approximately 25 per cent of all scald burns to children are from hot tap water and this associates with more deaths than with any other liquid. Read more

Popular Sex myths revealed
MYTH: You are never at risk for getting sexually transmitted diseases if you receive oral sex. FACT: It is true that many STD's can in fact be transmitted through oral sex while giving or receiving. Herpes and gonorrhea are two of the most c... Read more

Bonk: The science of sex has never been so hilarious
Did you know that Marie Bonaparte, great-grandniece of Napoleon, got her clitoris surgically moved? Twice?! This was after she discovered that women with a smaller distance between their clitoris and vagina are more likely to orgasm from vaginal inte... Read more

‘Jane's' story nearly ends with date rape
The possibilities of getting your hands on date rape drugs are almost endless. The chances of turning a woman's life upside down are unimaginable. Meet ‘Jane.' A vivacious, 5”2', 24 year-old blonde who almost had her entir... Read more

Contraceptives: Protecting Yourselves
Type: Continued Abstinence Contraceptive: Abstinence Prevents Pregnancy: YES Helps to Prevent The Transfer of STI: YES Typical Effectiveness: 100% Cost: Free Availability: Personal choice How it works: Individuals restrain from having sexual interc... Read more

Fun Sperm facts every woman should know!
- Sperm are produced in a man's testes — and it takes approximately 10 weeks for a single soldier to reach maturity stage. - Mature sperm can wait up to two weeks for their big day while they hang out in the epididymis i.e. the coil like s... Read more

Sex galore: Health benefits to make note of
Time and time again we are reminded of the many great things behind having a fabulous sex life. For instance, sex increases your brainpower; your heart rate and it can help you fight off nasty diseases and ailments. The obvious one is how it makes ... Read more

What's the new sexy?
There are many schools of thought on sexy - long legs, big boobs, tight dresses, long hair, lots of money, lots of power. But what about a new kind of sexy? One that's not so in-your-face, one that's not so...obvious. Six people, six points... Read more

Getting the kinks out
If the first images that come to mind when you think of kink are whips, leather, handcuffs and men who like to be flogged — you're only halfway there. The London kink community encounters stigmas and misconceptions on a daily basis. But Da... Read more

The Birds and The Bees, The Goats and the Dolphins and Pumpkin Pie!
Think you know everything about sex? Check out these surprising and stimulating facts The biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches (ouch.) The smallest erect penis tops off at 1 3/4 inches (ouch). Eight per cent of us have regular ana... Read more

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