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Spotted: Fanshawe's stylish students


Interrobang found three stylish students who know how to find a great outfit on a student-friendly budget.

Melissa Novacaska | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 11th, 2016

With the first semester of classes well underway, there's a wide variety of outfits students are choosing to wear on campus.

Some are representing the casual and comfy look with sweaters, basic tees and jeans, while others are pairing their look with leggings and boots, even adding a military- style jacket as well.

Then there are some sporting edgier, fun pieces that make their outfit something worth taking a double look at and maybe even taking a few notes from.

Whatever the case may be, Interrobang set out to find students who broke the style mold and rocked a look that made it their own. These three students did just that.


Name: Emily Messenger

Program: Fashion Merchandising

Described Style: Grandma Chic.

“I like new pieces, but I like to add jewels and embellishment and all that stuff. I also like big sweaters and furs. I'm really inspired by 1940s, 1950s fashion,” Messenger said. “Something you can see a super old lady in a movie wearing, I love that, Old Hollywood.”

Today's Look: Messenger works at a thrift store, and happened to thrift a few of her pieces for this look, including Aldo boots she found for $9 and the fur she's rocking.

Her dress is from American Eagle, and jacket from H&M.

Messenger usually buys her accessories cheaply, and found today's from Ardene.

“You have to pick,” she said. “It's all about knowing what you want and looking for it.”

Preferred Shops: “I love [Hudson's] Bay because they have everything you could possibly want. You get a lot of lower price points and you get the higher end names.”

Messenger also thrifts a lot.

“I'm like the queen of the thrift store. I can always find everything that I want.”


Name: Jaylee Warrick

Program: Personal Support Worker (PSW)

Described Style: “I would say cute, classy [and] cool.”

Today's Look: A skirt with a crop top paired with a scarf and boots. (Makes for a nice fall outfit, when the weather is still warm and sunny).

Preferred Shops: Urban Planet and Sirens. (Both are affordable for students).


Name: Adnan Selimovic

Program: Broadcast Television

Described Style: “A clean, casual look. Semi-formal, but not. It's relatively affordable.”

Selimovic pointed to affordability as an important factor considering students do not have a lot of money to spend.

Today's Look: Levi jeans from Hudson's Bay, boots and jacket from Winners and a sweater from Marshalls.

Preferred Shops: “I go to Marshalls and Winners a lot because you can find good deals on brand name stuff. The rest is probably online.”
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