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Book lover's gift guide

Emily Stewart | Interrobang | Lifestyles | December 5th, 2016

One of the best parts about the holidays is receiving new books to read. London has numerous amounts of unique smaller bookstores.

Whether that person on your list is into science fiction, romance, classic literature or comics, or is looking for the latest read, there is something for everyone at these bookstores.


240 Dundas Street

This is where to go for the history buff in your life. There are plenty of history books to choose from, including art history, Britannia, Canadiana and Americana books. They sell postcards by Colour by Schubert, featuring landmarks of London and St. Thomas throughout history. Attic Books also offers a large literature section and a small section of pulp fiction novels from 1936 to 1966.

Outside of the entrance, there are Loonie Bins filled with select paperback novels offered two for $1. Everything else in the bin is only $1.


356 Richmond Street

Stop by this store for the science fiction lover on your list, as there are plenty of shelves filled with this genre. There’s also a small graphic novel section featuring everything from Dark Horse to D.C. and Marvel. The upper level has a record shop, with books all about music, television and film.


609 Richmond Street

Plenty of unique reads can be found at Brown and Dickson. There are antique novels, comic books, art books and books about Canadian and London history. Some of the books have interesting covers with bright colours that pop out at you and are a treat to look at while you browse around. Brown and Dickson also have an adorable, friendly beagle in the shop that wants you to visit.


1044 Adelaide Street North

When you buy a book from this bookstore, you’re giving back to the community. The proceeds from the bookstore go right into funding for Goodwill programs. They are also a tax-free bookstore, so you save more cash when shopping.

From best sellers, to travelling, to philosophy and spirituality, there is a wide range of books that you can find at the Goodwill Bookstore. There are plenty of rare books, out of print editions and antique as well, for those who love filling their bookshelves with old books. A second Goodwill Bookstore location can be found on 979 Wellington Street.


262 Piccadilly Street

This small shop sells new books of everything from classics to today’s fiction and nonfiction. They will do out of print searches and orders as well, if you’re looking for a particular edition. Oxford Books also offers books about the city of London and features books by local authors.

The store carries stationary and greeting cards, along with binders, papers and pens. This is a great spot if you need to grab last minute exam supplies and a gift for somebody.
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