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Melissa Novacaska | Interrobang | Opinion | September 18th, 2017

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Hello Fanshawe staff, faculty, students and community members and welcome to another issue of the Interrobang.

This week, my team and I bring to you a variety of interesting stories we hope our readers will find just as much fun reading, as we had reporting on them.

Our news section covers a good portion of Fanshawe 50 related material including our front cover, an exclusive inside scoop on the re-creation and restoration of a 1967 Ford Falcon. The Interrobang learned more about the hard work and dedication that went into making the car as perfect as possible and the long, but bearable hours that went into its restoration.

Speaking of concerts, our team had some access to the Fanshawe at 50: Live in Concert event, where we saw firsthand the amazing Fanshawe crowds both inside and outside the venue, support the College at Budweiser Gardens. Though the main event included a spectacular concert from Brave Shores, the Barenaked Ladies and Hedley, there was also a number of other pop-ups happening in and around the venue that showed just how big, but close the Fanshawe community really is.

This issue also covers a great deed from the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU), who teamed up with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) for the fall semester to not only raise funds, but also awareness on mental health.

From music, to film, books and TV, this issue has a number of reviews for you to read and maybe inspire you to dive into something new from any of these mediums.

Opinions are also back in the paper, as well as some great healthy recipes and some useful tips on the benefits and use of coconut oil.

Last but not least, our sports section includes Freddie the Falcon’s makeover and former Fanshawe Falcon soccer star, Jade Kovacevic makes her way back to the team as this year’s women’s varsity soccer assistant coach.

With the many great reads found this is week’s issue, we hope it satisfies your reading itch and will keep you still until our next issue is out on newsstands Sept. 25.

Happy reading,

Melissa Novacaska
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