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Police receive reports of more break and enters in student neighbourhoods


The London Police Service (LPS) are urging citizens to lock their doors and windows due to a recent chain of break and enters in student neighbourhoods.

Jen Doede | Interrobang | News | November 27th, 2017

The London Police Service (LPS) is continuing to investigate recent break and enter incidents in student neighbourhoods across the city.

According to a Nov. 8 LPS news release, the most recent incident occurred on Saturday Nov. 4 just after midnight on Patricia Street. The students explained to police that they had invited some friends over; however, during the gathering two uninvited females showed up at the residence. Upon asking the uninvited individuals to leave, one of the uninvited females assaulted one of the tenants. Subsequently, numerous individuals infiltrated the home, causing a fight to break out. By the time police arrived, the suspects had fled the scene. The tenant sustained minor injuries from the assault.

According to Det. Sgt. Blair Harvey of the Street Crime Unit, the Patricia Street incident was the first incident in the Western University area that followed the pattern of break and enter cases that occurred in Fanshawe student neighbourhoods back in October.

“The incident this past weekend was in the area of Western University, which means that all post-secondary students in our community need to be extra vigilant,” Harvey said in the LPS news release regarding the incident on Patricia Street.

According to the news release, these recent break and enter cases involved large groups of individuals gathering in these neighbourhoods while student houses were infiltrated. In addition, these recent cases in student neighbourhoods have all occurred during the nighttime, usually around midnight.

The chain of break and enter cases in student housing areas began in October when police received reports of two break and enters in Fanshawe student neighbourhoods.

In the Thurman Circle incident, the tenants informed police that a male was in the basement of the home. When the suspect tried to escape, one of the students chased after him. As a result, the student was assaulted by the suspect. The 17-year-old suspect in the Thurman Circle incident was caught and charged with breaking and entering and assault. In the Fleming Drive incident, students reported a man crawling out their basement window. According to a LPS press release on Oct. 10, when the students confronted the suspect, he told them he had a weapon. The suspect then made his escape towards a group of individuals.

Harvey explained that it is important for students to remember to practice home safety measures. These precautions include keeping doors and windows locked whether the residents are home or not. In addition, it is important for individuals to know who they are permitting to enter their homes.

Currently, there are a number of investigations on-the-go regarding the various break and enter cases in student neighbourhoods.
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