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Tech gift guide

Jen Doede | Interrobang | Lifestyles | December 11th, 2017

Technological innovations are continuing to alter our society with each passing day. Here are a few gift ideas for tech lovers this holiday season.

High Performance Mouse: Best Buy 1375 Richmond St.

A new mouse is a perfect gift for individuals who clock-in countless hours on their Steam accounts, as well as creative individuals working with editing or design software. Compared to a standard computer mouse, these enhanced tech pieces come with multiple programmable buttons, providing the user with an abundance of flexibility when setting macros. In addition, high performance mice are built with highly accurate sensors, allowing for more particular movements and precision during those critical MOBA team-fights and snipes in FPS games. In some cases, individuals have the option to customize the lighting effects to signify particular modes or to match their current computer set-up.

Magnetic Charging Cable: order online at Best Buy 1375 Richmond St.

Magnetic charging cables are a new innovation for traditional smartphones and tablets. A small magnetic charger chip is snapped inside your phone or tablet’s charging port, allowing the cable to connect with ease whenever you desire. If the cord is ever pulled or stepped on, the magnetic cord will disconnect without damaging the phone/ tablet’s charging port. While somewhat gimmicky, it will prevent the user from having to frustratingly fiddle with their charger to insert it in the correct fashion. This is particularly useful in the dark.

Device Charging Station: Staples 1945 Dundas St. E.

A device charging station can help keep all your daily tech devices organized. Rather than scattering your valuables across the house searching for a spare outlet, a charging station will keep your phones, tablets and other electronics secured in one spot while charging their battery level back up to 100 per cent for the next time you have to use them. These stations use a single outlet and can power and store several devices simultaneously.

Microphone: Staples 1945 Dundas St. E.

A high-quality microphone can be a great gift to help your friend or loved one communicate with others. A microphone will help increase the quality of Skype or Facebook calls, making those important conversations with family or potential employers more audible than ever before. Aspiring YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers can also benefit from a microphone to help their voice come in crystal-clear for their audience.

Portable Speakers: Canada Computers and Electronics 1045 Wellington St.

Portable speakers are great for music lovers who are always seeking some tunes to brighten their day. Whether you are cleaning the house or cooking a home-made dinner, potable speakers can help individuals listen to music in high quality rather than having to rely on phone speakers. Most of these speakers use Bluetooth technology and can last for hours on a single charge.

Graphics Tablet: Staples 1945 Dundas St. E.

Is your tech friend also an artist? If so, a graphics tablet is a great gift option for them. These tablets allow individuals to hand-draw designs directly into art related software. Graphics tables have a moderate learning curve to them, but can be very rewarding for artists who are willing to invest the time. With the growth of online art communities like Reddit and DeviantArt, this gift can help connect aspiring or developed artists with other creative like-minded individuals.

Tile Mate/Slim Bluetooth Tracker: Best Buy 1375 Richmond St.

This product is perfect for individuals who find themselves losing their everyday items quite often. The Tile is a discrete Bluetooth tracking device that allows the owner to trigger audio alarms or render a map of the Tile’s location. While charging these devices is not possible, they are guaranteed to last over a year. The device can be placed within a wallet, or attached to a set of keys to ensure that if they are ever misplaced or stolen, the owner can rest easy knowing exactly where they are.
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