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Former Fanshawe Vice President Student Services earned well-deserved lifetime achievement award


Former Fanshawe Vice President Student Services, Cathie Auger (left), stands with president Devlin after receiving a lifetime achievement award. Auger has been a key member to the College and continues to be active and engaged within the Fanshawe community.

Lauren Dietrich | Interrobang | News | December 11th, 2017

An outstanding woman who has dedicated almost 40 years of her life to a career at Fanshawe College has been recognized for her excellence.

Cathie Auger, former Vice President Student Services, was this year’s recipient of the Minister’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

This award is presented by Deputy Minister Greg Orencsak to those who work to advance the college, the community, and the Ontario college system.

Auger joined Fanshawe in 1978 and demonstrated exemplary leadership and a passion for student success for the entirety of her career. Some of her roles included Internal Auditor, Director of Student Learning Resources, and Vice President of Student and Staff Services. However, Auger went above and beyond in all of these positions and was constantly surpassing the confines of her job descriptions.

One of Auger’s many projects was playing an integral role in opening the brand new Student Wellness Centre. She worked alongside the staff and students of the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) to plan and develop a centre that would offer fitness and wellness to students.

“We first worked on what an expanded centre would include. Then facility planning proceeded along with plans for the student services that would be offered in the Centre,” Auger said.

After creating a financial plan and receiving $27 million from students, Auger assisted the FSU to create a dynamic facility that works to enhance the lives of Fanshawe students.

“The planning process demonstrated the strong partnership between the Student Union and the college,” Auger said.

Auger expressed the utmost appreciation for the FSU’s student leaders and was continuously inspired by what they did and what they stood for.

“Fanshawe is a remarkable, dynamic place, always innovative and future-focused,” Auger explained. She strongly believes that Fanshawe changes students’ lives for the better and unlocks their potential.

Working at Fanshawe for 38 years was a rewarding path for her and allowed her to work with other dedicated people who contribute so much to both the students and the community.

“After such a rewarding career, to receive the Minister’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a great honour beyond anything I could have imagined,” Auger said.

Even though she has retired, Auger is sure to visit staff and students at Fanshawe whenever the opportunity arises. She continues to help others through volunteer work and mentorship programs.

She currently mentors students through the College’s Larry Myny Mentorship Program and volunteers at a family support and crisis centre.

In a Fanshawe Corporate Communications press release from president Peter Devlin, he had nothing but praise about Auger.

“During her rich career as a key leader at Fanshawe, Cathie was involved in every aspect of college operations contributing to college success,” Devlin said.

On behalf of Fanshawe, Devlin expressed how proud they are of Auger’s achievement and her dedication to the personal and professional growth of others.
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