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To be a Savvy Scrooge: DIY gifts under $15

Claudia Bergman | Interrobang | Lifestyles | December 11th, 2017

They are the light in your life, the reason you wake up in the morning and their mere existence is enough to put a smile on your face. You want to give them the world, but your bank account (teetering near overdraft) ultimately prevents that. Here’s a few million dollar ideas without breaking the budget and guaranteed to be a hit in their perfect eyes. 

The Classic Picture Frame Combo with a Sweet Twist

Sometimes (read: all the time) the best gift is not the trendy item quickly purchased at the store, but a gift that that was evidently made with time, thought and care. In this day and age of heightened social media use, it should not be too diffi cult of a task to obtain a picture of the two of you that elicits fond, nostalgic memories. On the back of the picture is a blank space which doubles as a medium to write the cliché heartfelt messages that only work during the holidays. Depending on your preference, you can choose to tell them of this hidden message or have them fi nd it on their own time to their complete surprise. Whether it’s an 8x10 list of inside jokes or a letter illustrating their value and worth, any customized message made specifi cally for the recipient will be a cherished gift regardless. To top it off, throw in their favourite fancy chocolate or treat like a Lindt Chocolate bar to go that extra mile in customization.

What you need:

• 8x10 photo $2.99 (

• Picture frame $4.99 (MARIETORP,

• Lindt chocolate bar $2.98 (

• Pen ink (if you were looking for a number, you need to assess yourself)

Grand total: $12.38

Coconut Oil Body Scrub

A homemade mixture that can rival stores that sell theirs for upwards of $20, this version comes free of any preservatives and once depleted your lucky friend will have a mason jar for future use. The coconut oil provides nourishing and moisturizing benefi ts while the sugar gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells in the process. The peppermint smell will bring a hint of the holidays during every use. Whether male or female, everybody has something to gain from treating themselves to a spa-like cleanse and you can be a part of this rewarding experience. Afterwards, head to your local dollar store to fi nd ribbons, stickers, gift tags etc. to add a spruce of personalization to your mason jar or if you are the artsy type, the inexpensive scrub ingredients allow for room in the budget to spend on other creative ventures. As an added bonus, if you’re favourite person/friend till the end accidently gets this in their mouth, it will probably taste pretty good.

What you need:

• ½ cup of coconut oil $2.18 (

• ½ brown sugar $0.28 (

• Touch of Peppermint Extract $0.49 (

• Mason Jar $2.99 (Korken,

Grand total: $6.71

Laundry Superhero

Last but not least, this gift may only be appropriate for certain friendships/relationships but if applicable, this highly practical gift will be remembered for many laundry loads in the near future. As some of your friends may know, having proper change at all times for laundry day can be a big inconvenience. There is never enough change on hand when laundry needs to be done, the wait line at the bank may be too long for a simple exchange for coins while most stores require a purchase before any bill breaking or money exchange occurs. Luckily you can buy a roll of quarters at your local bank that is prepackaged and ready to go. To get the roll of quarters up to par in holiday gift giving appearances wrap the roll in ribbon that can be found at any dollar or craft store. Attach it with a card and your friend will be highly thankful and you’re guaranteed that your gift will be used accordingly and not stuffed in the corner in the back of the closet.

What you need:

• A Roll of Quarters $10

• Ribbon $1

• Card $1

Grand Total: $12.26 
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