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Staying Active on a $mall Budget

Claudia Bergman | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 8th, 2018

Volunteer at the humane society

Spending your time at the humane society is a great way to stay fit while helping out those in need. Often your local humane society will have applications available for positions such as dog walking, cat socializing or even bunny care. Walking Fido for an hour is a great way to get exercise for both you and him while also providing him with much needed human interaction. Socializing cats and bunnies may not be as calorie burning as walking a dog but scheduling a quick paced walk to the shelter and back should get your heart rate going.

Check out local ads for fitness events

A quick Kijiji London search reveals numerous fitness opportunities for free or a small donation to a worthwhile cause. Classes range in interests from yoga and tai chi to volleyball and are offered generally on a weekly basis and may be dependent on the current season. If you are unable to find anything to your liking then it’s time to be proactive. Creating a post allows you to gather your own group of like-mindedness people to start that day long tag session you’ve always dreamed of.

Walk, walk, walk everywhere

Although it is quite tempting to use that student bus pass for all your transit needs, apps like Google Maps are able to provide an accurate estimate time it takes to walk to your destination so you can benefit from the walking without being late on arrival. If you carry a competitive nature, you can always challenge yourself to beat the app’s predetermined time by upping the speed of your walking pace, or in other words by power walking. Considered to be a pace of 4.5-5.5 mile per hour, power walking has been shown to be less intense on your joints while still providing a calorie burning activity.

Hire YouTube as your personal instructor

Entering the term “full fitness class” onto the YouTube search bar enables you access to more than plenty in selection of complete exercise classes with a range of variety. From yoga to cardio boxing and even zumba, there is absolutely no charge to watch these videos and you receive the luxury of completing your workout inside your home. Ensure you find a space in your home that is free of furniture or other obstacles and that you don’t go over your internet usage for the month.

Take advantage of gym welcome passes

Many gyms offer free trial passes to garner your interest and entice you to purchasing a membership. These absolutely free trials can range anywhere from a day to two weeks. Although some gyms do not provide complimentary visits, they may instead offer their introductory passes at a heavily reduced discount. Hopping from gym to gym to take advantage of their new customer promotion may not be feasible for long term, consistent workouts, but it is a great way to access certain equipment or classes at no or little cost to you.

MacGyver your gym equipment

The upfront costs of gym equipment such as weights are enough to deter anyone from participating in a workout but with a creative mind and able hands, you can create your own equipment at a fraction of the cost. Various tutorials online give step by step instructions of creating weights using household items. A popular method is to take two empty water bottles or 4 litre jugs and fill them with either liquids, sand, or pebbles (depending on your weight preference) to substitute as dumbbells. Weigh your finished products to make sure they are equal weights and you should be good to begin your lifting routine.
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