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Old school, new school or at school: the best value for workouts

George Maragos | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 8th, 2018

The much anticipated Wellness and Fitness Centre is the place to be for working out. It's one of a kind for a post-secondary campus, featuring a three story rock wall two floors of exercise equipment. However, compared to local gyms how does the facility measure up?

In an interview with Karen Nixon-Carroll, Fitness and Wellness program manager, at Fanshawe's Fitness Student Wellness Centre, discussed the aspect of wellness.

“Wellness programing is taking it beyond [just fitness]. It might be a health promotion or it could be challenged based,” Nixon-Carroll said.

“There are more students interested in the Wellness Centre than were in the Fitness Centre. There’s a lot more people that will have access [to it]. Before students had to pay for their membership, now students’ membership is paid for through their tuition,” Nixon-Carroll said.

Sarah King, a fitness and health promotion graduate of Fanshawe working for the Student Wellness Centre gave Interrobang a tour through the new facilities.

On the first level are locker rooms, male, female, and private. “We have gender neutral change rooms and showers. We have semi-private and private showers,” King explained.

“On the second level we have a group exercise studio, cardio equipment, weight machines and a free-weight area. We also have an open area for classes. Get a full schedule of the classes at the Wellness and Fitness desk.”

The Student Wellness Centre will be for students and staff only.

However, according to King, alumni can join the Centre this year only.

So how does the value of the Student Wellness and Fitness Center compare to gyms in the community?

Interrobang was given access to World Gym on Highbury and Huron by D.J. Richards, a member service representative.

According to Richards, a basic membership is $9.99 and a V.I.P. membership is 19.99$.

“The enrollment fee is $20 and the card fee is $20, it’s added to the monthly cost,” Richard’s said, which totals approximately to $60 to sign-up.

Kristian Collins, general manager of Planet Fitness at the Oxbury Mall on Oxford and Highbury explained the cost of a basic membership is $10 and an upgraded membership is $19.99, with a $10 start-up fee and an annual fee of $39.

“We have a student special, if you provide a Fanshawe student card we will reduce the start-up fee to $1,” Collins said which totals about $60 to sign up.

With Wellness Centre membership covered in the cost of tuition there is no comparison. The cost for part-time students and alumni is approximately $60 for the semester.

Wellness and Fitness Centre classes are included in the cost of membership. Classes generally include Cardio Step, Glutes Guts and Guns, Insanity, Yoga, Body Blast, Dance-x, Ropes and Resist, Athletic Step, Spin, Spin Plus, Spin Express, and Power Punch. It’s best to check at the centre’s front desk to make sure they are still available when you’re interested in taking one.

With the Wellness and Fitness Centre situated in an academic institution it’s no wonder the classes are abundant.

World Gym has one exercise studio for Zumba, yoga, body pump and barbell complex classes.

According to Richards only V.I.P. members get to participate. Classes at Planet Fitness come free with membership.

“You’re essentially running a circuit with the guidance of an instructor,” Collins said. The exercise classes according to Planet Fitness’ training schedule are roughly 30 minutes of circuit, abs, cardio, biggest loser, and/or intro to machines and cables, as well as a “design your own program” classes.

The lure of amenities attracts the interest of first time gym users.

World Gym’s locker rooms have saunas and within the women’s locker room is a private women’s only workout area.

At Planet Fitness black card members get access to deep tissue massage chairs, hydro massage chairs and tanning beds.

At the Wellness and Fitness Centre, Booster Juice and the rock wall all are major attractions. According to Nixon-Carroll, there will also be hoteling rooms in front of the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic.

“The new Wellness and Hoteling Space is a quiet place to study or a good place to take a nap,” Nixon-Carroll said.

With the unveiling of the Student Wellness and Fitness Centre there’s sure to be more students thinking of self-care. When it comes to the choice of where to workout you can choose an old school gym, a new school gym or a gym at school. The choice is yours.
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