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Board games available at the London Public Library


Multiple copies of 27 strategic board game titles are now available at London Public Library locations to sign out for a seven day period.

Jen Doede | Interrobang | News | March 26th, 2018

As result of a partnership with Project Play, Londoners can now sign out an array of strategic board games from London Public Library locations across the city. Lisa Manax Skikos, the co-ordinator of children and youth services at the London Public Library, explained that Project Play is a grass-roots organization, in which, volunteers from the gaming community raise funds in order to purchase games and entertainment technology for children at hospitals, shelters and who are in temporary housing.

As of March 10, Londoners can sign out one of the multiple copies of the 27 board game titles available at London Public Library locations for seven days as part of the Games to Go program. Manax Skikos explained that after years of fund raising and initiatives, Project Play was ready to wind-down and take a bit of a break. However, the organization still had some games left to donate. “They contacted us to see if there was something we could do in partnership with their donation. We met with them and came up with the idea of having board games that people could borrow from the library at every location. We worked with them together to choose the games and now we have 27 titles of games [available],” Skikos said.

Skikos explained that board games are a good addition to the library, because not only are the games fun, but they also provide literacy, problem solving, numeracy, cognitive and critical thinking skills. The board games available are strategic and appeal to teens and adults. “We wanted games that had a bit more of a challenge to them for the public. Some of these games are pretty expensive, so it gives people an opportunity to explore new games and they may like to try a game before they buy it,” Skikos said.

She said that the board games have been a huge success, and at the time of the interview with the Interrobang on March 19, almost the entire collection was signed out with about 12 board games remaining around the city. All board games must be returned in person instead of using the return chute.

Skikos said that she encourages people who may not be interested in games to give the board games a chance.

“It's a great way to turn off the screens. Our lives are so busy, and we always have this constant thing with screens and social media. As soon as you feel like there is too much going on, it's so nice to just turn things off and get together with friends and play a game.”

Londoners interested in the list of board games titles available at each location can search online for Games to Go at the London Public Library.
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