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Fanshawe students share their thoughts on The Royal Wedding

Interrobang | Lifestyles | May 16th, 2018

On May 19th, 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be joined in holy matrimony. Interrobang's Emma Fairgrieve asked Fanshawe students for their take on this momentous occasion.


Wearing black at the Golden Globes is symbolism, not activism
The 2018 Golden Globes were an emotional affair. Oprah told sexual predators 'your time is up', men donned '#TimesUp' pins, and women traded colourful designer gowns for black designer gowns. But the hype surrounding the black dress movement is dangerous, because the Golden Globes were not activism. Read more

Celebrities Help Breakdown The Stigma Against Mental illness
Mental illness is a stigma in society that can be broken down by the people we admire; celebrities. Most people know Johnny Depp from his role in Pirates of The Caribbean, but some may be surprised to learn that he actually suffers from social anxiety disorder (SAD). Read more

2016 celebrity break-ups
Being in a relationship can be difficult as is, but having one in the public eye makes it even more of a challenge. With many people watching every move you take, having a significant other can seem like another stressor or full time job on its own. Read more

What Does Kerra Seay: Welcome to the Democrazy
If you were fortunate enough to have a platform where you were able to reach hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people at one time, would you use that power wisely? Read more

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