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Fanshawe fashion department creates local pop-up shops with Goodwill Industries


Fanshawe's fashion marketing and management program continues to work hard with Goodwill Industries to create sustainable fashion for their pop-up stores.

Samantha Kaczala | Interrobang | News | September 7th, 2018

For over 10 years Goodwill Industries and Fanshawe’s fashion marketing and management program have worked together in the clothing industry to promote fashion through shows while raising money for charities, such as My Sisters’ Place, a support centre for vulnerable women.

Last year, the program dabbled with pop-up store venues.

One was hosted at Lofthouse Living, which is co-owned by a Fanshawe fashion graduate, while the other pop-up teamed up with Goodwill Industries to set-up at the College.

The pop-up initiative is run by Deb Trotechaud, a faculty member of the fashion marketing and management program, who has a passion for the students to gain work experience in a meaningful way.

“Pop-up shops are the thing. That’s why this is really important to me because it gives experience to [the students] for later on. It is an affordable way to do it,” Trotechaud said. “I’m trying to give the tools and resources to succeed when they get out of school, whether that’s on their own or working for retailers. Many retailers now do pop-up shops. It’s relevant to what we are doing now. There’s an online component to our pop-shop as well so they sort of go through journaling the process of it and always have lots of information on social media of it as well.”

Colleague and fashion marketing and management program co-ordinator, Wella Nolan, said she believes that integrating these opportunities to the students allows them to grow in different ways from the classroom, especially since the experiences change depending on where the students work.

“The students are divided into two groups. We have one group that is responsible for doing the pop-up store and the other group actually works in Live Chic. They both will obtain realistic experiences that are very valuable for our program and is very valuable for them to actually practice what they have learned.”

When asked about how the partnerships affect the faculty, Nolan had positives to share.

“[The partnerships are] extremely valuable for our students because it’s collaborative. Not only for the students but also for the faculty because it’s building rapport. It’s great for marketing the program and just gives the program a higher visibility in the industry itself,” Nolan said.

Currently, Trotechaud is working with Goodwill to set up a boutique on Hyde Park that will have ‘highend fashion’ merchandise for customers to buy.

The opening of the store has no date as of yet as zoning for the store has not been issued.

Even with delays, Trotechaud confirmed that students would definitely be involved with the store once open.

Dana Morningstar, chair of Fanshawe’s School of Design, said ideally they would want the students to have more involvement in the store in the future.

“They [students] might be working in [the store] or have a special event related to there. Eventually we would like to have a situation where the students might get some paid employment, part-time or full-time. But that’s not guaranteed. We’re at the beginning of a relationship with Goodwill on this project, so things will evolve as we try different assignments with the students,” Morningstar said.

Trotechaud said working with Goodwill in making the pop-up stores gives the students the chance to practise sustainability when it comes to reusing and recycling wardrobes.

“The reason I wanted to do this was because sustainability is huge in our industry. We really need to be on board with that and get the students to understand the importance of it in terms of our environment. We are cross-cycling, which is great,” Trotechaud said. “[We’re] also giving the students the opportunities to shop at a second hand store. Those who perhaps never have, will open their eyes to what is available because there is some amazing stuff you can find.”

The latest partnership takes place in November, in the foyer of Goodwill’s Horton Street location, with more details to come.

For more information, visit and search for the fashion marketing and management program.
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