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Around the Ring: Cena injury opens door for new WWE champ

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | October 8th, 2007

Holy shit. Sorry about the language here, people, but I canít believe that as I sat down to write this weekís column about to talk about the WWE putting on a half decent RAW (especially before a PPV), I read the big news: CENA IS OUT OF ACTION UNTIL 2008 (six months to a year) AND STRIPPED OF THE TITLE!

Ok...Iíve said here before that I actually respect John Cena. Heís decent in the ring, cuts good promos and would make an excellent heel when the opportunity arises. I have also said that I am tired of seeing him with the belt and overcoming every single obstacle the WWE writers put in his way. After seeing the news about Cena now being out of action and not having the title, the first thing that sprang to my mind was, ďhe doesnít deserve to go out like this.Ē

Think about it. Heís been in some great matches and stories, he seems to overcome the hatred of many fans (just like The Rock did) and he is still getting better in the ring. Cena is someone that has helped WWE through one hell of a rough year and has consistently sold PPVs and merchandise (although most of the kids and women buy it...but money is money for a company, right?). Many had the feeling that Cena was going to finally drop the title at the (as of writing) upcoming PPV, but now we will have a new champion. At least the good thing about this story is that Cena will be able to come back into the title picture and hold the majority of the fanís interests almost immediately when he comes back by building his character up by going after the title instead of retaining it. Iíll have a drink for Cena and wish the guy well.

The No Mercy card looks to be ok but that still doesnít mean Iíll purchase it. The Punjabi Cell match looks boring and I donít see Khali taking the belt back. Beth Phoenix will win the belt from Candice, Triple H will probably get the win on Umaga (and then go on to be the face gunning for the WWE championship), and Rey Mysterio will get his revenge finally on Finley. As for the vacant WWE title, if it goes to anyone but Randy Orton, Iíll punch myself in the groin.

In other news, the two hour TNA debut will have aired by the time this goes to press and Iím also shaking my head that the long awaited feud between Abyss and Judas Mesias is now canned. Turns out olí Judas injured himself during a show for another promotion and will be out for around eight months. Can you believe the luck of the wrestling companies and their wrestlers? Iím hoping TNA will do well with the Bound For Glory PPV and their two hour show. My thoughts on the debut will come next week.
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