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News | October 8th, 2007

Mid-term grades and Graduation

Your mid-term grades will be available on WebAdvisor as soon as your professor enters them. S means satisfactory and U means unsatisfactory. If you have an unsatisfactory grade, see your professor as soon as possible. If you have a problem you canít fix, talk to the Counselling and Student Life Office, or the Ombuds Office.

While youíre in WebAdvisor, look for your external and internal credits. If these have been granted, the course will be removed from your list of active classes. If it hasnít, talk to your professor or your academic office.

Have you looked at your account in WebAdvisor this term? If youíre having trouble logging on, or if you have problems with your password, call the HelpDesk at 519-452-4430, ext 4857, or email

Graduating soon? Hereís how to order tickets for your guests.

F.A.T.SDid you complete a program at the end of August? If you did, the Graduation Coordinator has sent you an email, to tell you about our November 2 graduation ceremony. If you donít get the email, check on WebAdvisor to make sure your email address is correct, and make sure your email account is set up to receive mail from

Order graduation tickets for your guests through Fanshawe OnLine. You donít need a ticket, and thereís no charge for the use of a gown and scarf for the ceremony. We donít do mortarboards here!

Hereís how you order your tickets: go to Fanshawe OnLine and click on the Graduation Tickets button on the left side of the screen. Youíll see a screen showing your name, program, and date and time of your graduation. It also shows your address, email address and phone number. Your tickets will be mailed to this address, so if it isnít correct, please let the Graduation Office know as soon as possible, or update your address through WebAdvisor.

Then, select Yes or No to show if youíre attending. If you choose Yes, youíll see a drop-down box appear to order tickets. You donít need one for yourself, only for your guests. Pick the number of tickets you want. Please donít order more than you want, because other graduates could use those tickets.

Next, go to the Comments box. If you or your guests need assistance at graduation, for example, if you are in a wheelchair, this is the place to tell us. Then, click Submit. Youíll get an email confirming your graduation choices. If you donít get an email, your request has not gone through! If you donít get that email, please try again. If it doesnít work for you, for example, because of your browser, place your ticket order through the Graduation Office at 519.452.4123 or email

More news about graduation next week; in the meantime, you can get graduation information from Fanshaweís website at

Important Dates
October 8 Ė Thanksgiving Day: college is closed
October 18 Ė Last date to apply for OSAP for Fall 2007/ Winter 2008 or for Fall 2007/ Winter 2008/ Summer 2008
October 19 Ė Mid-term marks on WebAdvisor
October 26 Ė Payment plan installment due for Fall 2007
November 2 Ė Graduation, London campus
November 13 Ė Last date to withdraw from most courses without academic penalty (getting F); check your student verification form.

Office of the Registrar
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This column is a Student Success Initiative sponsored by Counselling and Student Life Services, Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar.
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