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Album review: Means to an End is one Biohazard you shouldnít avoid

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 17th, 2005

Biohazard was one of the contributing forces in todayís hardcore music scene. With the release of Urban Discipline in the early 90ís and State of the Union Address afterwards, it seemed like nothing could stop the mighty pissed off hardcore/metal machine that is Biohazard. Then nu-metal came along and Biohazard decided to tune their instruments way, way down and try to incorporate their style into something the kids were buying. I didnít think it worked, and I suppose many of their fans didnít think so either, because their sales dropped. I have everything that Biohazard has released EXCEPT Kill or Be Killed because I couldnít stand how the low-tuned, nu-metal Biohazard mix sounded.

Thank goodness for Means to An End because it takes us back to the glory days when Biohazard wrote wicked riffs, had the groove factor turned up to 11 and ranted about what was pissing them off. As of writing this, the songs all seem to be pretty decent but there isnít one single track that made me stop and think, ďthis is killer.Ē Thatís not to say that all the songs sound totally alike, itís just that it seems like this release doesnít have that one or two standout tracks that theyíre earlier discs did.

While this CD breaks no new ground for the band, it really does solidify them as excellent contributors to the metal scene, past and present. I still think that if you really want to see the best Biohazard has put out, purchase either of the earlier CDs I mentioned above and then get into this one.
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