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London wants your housing input

The City of London | News | April 7th, 2008

On Monday, April 7, staff from the City of London Planning Department will be on campus hosting a presentation outlining a proposed new Student Housing Strategy.

The presentation is intended to engage students in the process and encourage them to voice their opinions concerning student housing. A draft report, titled “Closing the Gap: New Partnerships for Great Neighbourhoods Surrounding Our University and Colleges” is available online at under “Speak Up.”

The strategy is aimed at addressing Town and Gown issues identified by City Council. London's strategy emphasizes the need to move forward collectively through partnerships between all stakeholders (including students) towards a common vision for the future.

The strategy identifies the current “state of affairs” in these neighbourhoods, and how to bridge the gap between the vision and the status quo.

The Great Neighbourhoods Strategy proposes 10 ways to close this gap including: providing safer, varied and affordable housing opportunities, the protection of residential amenities and supporting the attraction of a strong student body.

Monday's on-campus forum will consist of a one hour “open house” during which students will have the opportunity to look at displays and speak one-on-one with City staff. Following that, City staff will host a presentation and open the floor to students' for a question and answer period.

Everyone is welcome to attend and be heard at Monday's meeting at noon in the SUB's Forwell Hall.
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