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On the move?

Joint Health and Safety Committee | News | April 7th, 2008

Finished school for the semester? Moving on?

Here are a few tips to help you move out of your apartment or dorm room safely:

1. Get Dad and Mom to do it for you! Come on, it's worth a try!

2. Sell, give away or throw out everything you don't really need.

3. Make a list of what needs to be moved, and as you pack each box, mark the boxes “one of 200,” “two of 200” and so on.

4. Pack a small number of heavy things in small boxes and big number of light things in big helps to keep the weight constant.

5. Use the correct lifting techniques - lift with your legs and not your back. Don't twist while moving the load.

6. Place the heavy things on the bottom of the stack and lighter things on top. Use tie downs to keep things from moving or falling during the trip.

7. If you can't borrow a truck or trailer, you'll have to rent one - or just make multiple runs in your car.

8. Remember to check into your insurance policy if you rent a truck. Remember that larger vehicles may require a special license. If you rent a truck and have never driven one before - you may have to fall back on the, “make multiple runs in your car” technique.

9. Pack ahead. If it's winter, pack your summer stuff ahead of time. It takes a little pre-planning but it will speed things up. Don't wait until the night before the move to pack everything - plan ahead!

For more information, drop by Fanshawe's Health and Safety Services office in D1021, or call 519-452-4424.
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