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News | April 7th, 2008

Keeping in touch with Fanshawe
Now that you're leaving for the summer, you may be living in a different place. If you decide to move, get a different phone, change your email address, or acquire a new name, please let us know — even if you don't plan to come back to Fanshawe!

An email I check often?
We send lots of information by email. Next year, you'll want to know if you get tax credits from going to school. You'll want to know when to come to graduation, or if the Alumni Office has benefits that save you big money. If your email address is no longer good, or if you've set your junk mail filter to exclude us, you won't hear news that can benefit you.

Current phone number?
We also need a current phone number. We call you when we have urgent information that needs a quick response. If your order for graduation tickets can't be filled, we'll phone. If your phone number is out of date, you won't get the call. You might end up not getting what you need.

Updated address?
We always need an updated address. If you're returning to start a new term or a new program, we'll mail you information. If you couldn't attend graduation, we'll mail your credential. If you've changed your address and you didn't tell us, important mail won't get to you.

New name?
If you change your name while you're at Fanshawe, you must let us know by providing official government documents. Otherwise, your diploma or certificate will be in your old name, and it could make problems for your OSAP. Even if you only want to change Macdonald to MacDonald, let us know.

Keeping in touch with OSAP
It's nearly the end of term and if you have student assistance, your plans for the future affect your OSAP.

Did you know: You must apply each year that you want to receive OSAP funding.

Did you know: If you don't continue as a full-time student, you have six months before you must start repaying your loan, but the interest starts as soon as you stop being full-time.

Did you know: If you are staying in school full-time for the summer semester, but don't want any more OSAP, or going on a recognized co-op work term, you must fill out the Continuation of Interest-Free Status form or the interest will start to build on your loan, and the six month count-down will begin. A Continuation of Interest Free Status form can only be completed while you are still in school full-time or on a recognized co-op work term. Once you cease to be a full-time student or on a recognized co-op work term, a Continuation of Interest Free Status form cannot be accepted.

Here's a great site for information about student loans: Click on the Access Window, then you can choose topics like “What will I pay back after I graduate?” or “OSAP 101.”

You'll get answers to questions such as, “do my parents make too much money,” “how can I limit my yearly debt” and “how can I appeal the amount of funding I get.” There are links to sites about getting financial aid, scholarships, and financial planning.

There's a calculator to figure your monthly payments after you leave school. As well, the site talks about interest relief, revision of repayment terms, debt reduction in repayment, and Ontario Student Opportunity Grants.

And of course, you can always talk to the Financial Aid Office, in E2020. Their phone number is 519.452.4280.

Important dates

- Classes for most programs end April 18.

- Exam week is April 21-25.

- Marks are available on WebAdvisor April 30.

- Classes start again May 5.

- OSAP release for Summer 2008 May 5.

- Last date to change your Summer 2008 registration (apply to or withdraw from a program, add or drop courses, get a fee refund) is May 16.

- Payment plan installment due date is May 28.

- Last date to appeal fees, appeal a grade or other academic decision, or to submit an Application for Change of ‘F' Grade for Winter 2008 is June 2.

- Graduation is June 10-16.

Office of the Registrar
... We're working for you.

This column is a Student Success Initiative sponsored by Counselling and Student Life Services, Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar.
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