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Earth Hour a bunch of hooey

John Said | Interrobang | Opinion | April 7th, 2008

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How many of you turned off the lights last Saturday in support of Earth Hour? My family actually did, but judging by the numbers that are coming in it would appear not many others answered the call.

While I understand that Earth Hour was more about raising awareness and conservation practices, as a society in general we are missing the boat.

Take a look around you and gluttony, it would appear, rules the day. We drive bigger gas guzzling vehicles more for the comfort and prestige than for any practical reason. A trip to the northwestern corner of London reveals homes being built larger and grander than before, money sinkholes is what I like to call them. You'd think with the size of these homes London was experiencing a population explosion with burgeoning families of five and six kids, but I don't think that's the case. I know many families that were raised in simple bungalows with three or more siblings and they had ample space. Instead many of these large homes are occupied by childless couples or couples with a single child. Social status these days trumps the environment every time.

Tuning into any entertainment news programming show reveals what's exactly wrong with this world. The excess is sickening. Multiple mansion homes in multiple cities and I'm always left to wonder why, especially when these environmental abusers with their jet set ways preach for us to change our habits. I conserve because I'm a cheap bastard and hate seeing my hard earned dollars flushed away. The high life from city-to-city, coast-to-coast and continent-to-continent I'm not living.

When history looks back at the 20th Century I'm sure we will be condemned. I'm convinced with every technological advancement we moved one step closer to destroying the planet just a little bit more. As we shrunk the globe and added more and more needless conveniences we added more pollution and waste. Think plastic bags, disposable diapers, the elimination of reusable glass bottles for soft drinks in favour of aluminum cans, and the list goes on and on. We are the planets worst enemy.

God save the planet because we certainly will not.
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