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Student wins with $11,000 shot

Margaret Sheridan | Interrobang | Sports | April 7th, 2008

A Fanshawe student won the opportunity to shoot for $1,000,000 at a recent Toronto Raptors game, and although she didn't sink the big one, she didn't walk away empty handed either.

“I was the one-millionth Rogers home phone customer,” explained Sarah Tirkalas, a first-year chef training student. “I started working out a lot because I had no muscles to do the shots, so I was doing that about five days a week. But I wasn't nervous really, it was kind of strange. But there was a great rush being in front of 20,000 people.”

Tirkalas, who had never been to a Raptors game before, missed a $2,500 free throw, $5,000 three-point shot, as well as the million-dollar long shot, but did manage to nail a $1,000 lay-up. She also received an additional $10,000 when the Raptors mascot sunk a basket for her.

As for her $11,000 earnings, Tirkalas isn't really disappointed, but the experience has convinced her to look into a potential program change.

“Any money is good,” she laughed. “I've already spent some of it and plan on getting laser eye surgery too. I kind of want to change my program now though, now that I've been on TV I kind of thought ‘wow, this is what I want to do!' I was on TV live with sports announcers and I knew there were millions of people watching and I was totally cool with that.”
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