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Question of the Week

Interactive | October 26th, 2009

What’s the best Halloween costume you have ever worn and why?

Martin Flanagan   "Last year I was a rooster. It was awesome because I pulled it together with 5 bucks. I was also voted best costume."
- Martin Flanagan
Sarah Linker   "I was a bathtub. It was good because it was pretty original."
- Sarah Linker
Tom Jiggins   "I was Freddy Krueger when I was 16. It was awesome because I made it myself."
- Tom Jiggins
Michelle Herman   "I was Scary Spice when I was 13. I look like Scary Spice so it didn’t take a lot of work"
- Michelle Herman
Genna Lacommbe   "I was Cruella Deville when I was 10. It was the best costume I’ve worn because it looked really good."
- Genna Lacommbe
Brian Robertson   "I was Jareth from Labyrinth, the David Bowie movie. It was ridiculous, I had a wig, tights and a baby."
- Brian Robertson
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