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Is this it?: Pop goes the good music

Addie Sorrell | Interrobang | Lifestyles | March 15th, 2010

To the average listener, pop music is like candy. Itís fun, itís not necessarily good, and too much of it can make you sick. Everyone has a bubbly streak that causes them to like the occasional trashy pop song, and if you donít admit that, youíre a liar, and I donít like you.

I used to be into really heavy music, and if I ever found myself liking a song by Britney Spears, I would shut it out and pretend I didnít like it. I figured thatís what I was supposed to do, as I was only supposed to be into one kind of music and if I ever went over to pop, that I would become girly and fake - as if it were contagious; think Josie & The Pussycats' subliminal messages. Iím now beginning to see that listening to the occasional Britney song between Tool and Dillinger Escape Plan, is like sneaking a Snickers between broccoli stems and yogurt. I realized this when I found myself singing Keshaís Tik Tok in the shower a month after I told my friend it was a crap song. I now own the album, adding on to a sickening collection of pop music hoarded in my iTunes - I think Iíve now hit the point where Iím worried pop is taking over my musical life. The only thing that keeps me from being a bubblegum chewing, hair-twirling princess is the fact that I am indeed starting to get sick of it.

Itís not that I prefer it over other music Ė itís that pop is reliable to always stay the same and have the same quality year after year - whether that quality is good or not is beside the point. Pop is a chameleon throughout the ages and will always evolve to meet the needs of the masses. In an era where alternative music is dead, and rock is declining, pop is something that can be leaned on until further notice of real music making a comeback. A lot of the time Iím just looking for music with a crazy beat and well organized noise, and modern pop generally finds me first. If I search past the Billboard charts though, I can avoid pop altogether and find another genre with something to meet my needs.

Thatís why I like techno and electronica - for me, DJs have inherited the sex appeal that drummers and bassists once possessed over me (yes, that was probably just me). But these genres are like pop with more creativity and more credit; itís got a good beat and yes, you can dance to it. I mean, if you wanted to.

Do you suffer from the same syndrome? I prescribe:

- Fatboy Slim
- Prodigy
- Noisia
- Girl Talk
- Steve Aoki

So you like poorly written but catchy songs sometimes; itís really nothing to be ashamed of... most of the time. Actually, you should just keep that to yourself. People still laugh.
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