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Question of the Week

Interrobang | Interactive | September 27th, 2010

How do you feel about pornography and if you had a porn star name what would it be?

Ashley Burleigh   "I think porn is nasty, I would not have a porn star name."
- Ashley Burleigh
Brittany McPherson   "Porn is great for some people! My porn star name would be Bambi"
- Brittany McPherson
Dee Asante   "I like porn, you learn a lot. My name would be Lucy!"
- Dee Asante
Jamie Tully   "Everyone’s watched it before, if they said no they’re lying. My porn star name would be Roxy Phelatio."
- Jamie Tully
Matt Homeniuk   "Porn’s great, you got to have some! My porn star name would be The Situation."
- Matt Homeniuk
Samuel Hamilton   "I love porn, my name would be Big Steel."
- Samuel Hamilton
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