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FAQs regarding relief funding, semester completion and FSU services

Updated: December 8, 2017 at 3:20 PM

Latest updates:
  • Student Strike Relief Fund application information View
  • Student Support Fund is Insufficient Read media release
  • An open letter to Fanshawe College President Peter Devlin, and Ontario Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development Deb Matthews Read letter
  • Letter from FSU President Morganna Sampson to the students of Fanshawe Read letter
  • Government of Ontario announces additional support to finish studies & students who withdraw from their studies have two weeks from the re-start of classes to receive a full tuition refund. Read news release
  • Fanshawe announces that classes will resume on Nov. 21st Read message
  • Minister’s Statement Regarding the College Strike and Support for Students View statement
  • Update: Meeting with Minister Deb Matthews and Eight Student Association Presidents Read update
  • An open letter to Premier Wynne, Minister Matthews & the Members of Provincial Parliament regarding the ongoing Ontario Colleges’ faculty strike Read letter

Frequently asked questions

Will the extension of the Fall 2017 semester affect my health plan or bus pass?
No. Both will be active for the duration of the semester.

How do I withdraw from Fanshawe College as a result of the strike and receive my tuition back?
The college has provided details on the steps involved in withdrawing and receiving a tuition refund as a result of the strike. Please visit the Student Strike Relief Fund and Tuition Refund Information page on Fanshawe College’s website.
Please also continue to monitor the Return to school FAQs on Fanshawe College’s website.

How do I access the Student Strike Relief Fund?
Please see the link above. However, the FSU does not support the proposed application system. Please see An open letter to Fanshawe College President Peter Devlin, and Ontario Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development Deb Matthews to learn more about the FSU’s views on the topic.

Under the FSU’s proposed system for distributing the Student Strike Relief Fund, where all of our membership will receive equal compensation, how much will each student receive?
That dollar amount is not yet known and will require more due dilligence to arrive at. We feel strongly that every student experienced hardships during the five weeks of the strike, and that they should not have to go through the process of proving their hardship in order to receive compensation.
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