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The Out Back Shack House Policy

OBS Home Menu Order Online Events Underage Access Policy House Policy white image spacer The Out Back Shack employees are here to ensure the safety of our patrons with a positive, social and healthy environment.

Valid government-issued ID as approved by the AGCO is required at all times. We will ID everyone who appears to be under 30 years of age.

AGCO approved ID, which must include photo, includes: Ontario Driver’s Licence, Passport, Armed Forces Card, Citizenship card or the Liquor Control Board of Ontario BYID Card.

All fake IDs will be confiscated and will be turned over to the London Police Force. Anyone using fake ID will be banned for a minimum of four months.

Any attempted use of altered ID will also result in a minimum ban of four months.

We have the right to refuse entry to any patron.

We will escort out of our premises any patron who: breaks the FSU Underage Access Policy; is caught fighting, or assaulting other patrons; is using or selling illegal substances; or is intoxicated. Also, if you harass, threaten or endanger the safety of staff or patrons, you will also be asked to leave. All of these infractions may be subject to further discipline. In all serious cases, your actions will be reported to Fanshawe College Security.

Any underage full-time Fanshawe student who enters our licensed premises must abide by our underage access policy. The most important rule is there will be no handling, holding or consumption of any alcoholic beverage.

Theft or damage to the FSU or College property will be reported to Fanshawe College Security. This will result in charges, possible further discipline and payment for the cost of the damages.

We are committed to not knowingly serving any patron to the point of intoxication. To ensure that commitment, you will be cut off service if any staff member believes you show signs of intoxication.

We do not serve double shots or allow patrons to purchase two drinks at a time for their own consumption. All pitchers of draught will be served to a minimum of two patrons.

AGCO legislation states that all signs of alcoholic beverage consumption must be removed from the licensed area 30 minutes after the bar ends the service of alcohol. Please respect our staff as they close our operations each evening.

No video or audio taping within the OBS without prior approval from the management.

Don’t drink and drive.

Be a responsible drinker, keep an eye out for your friends; you know them better than anyone.

Don’t let friends walk home alone (even if it’s not that far away). You may go to College Security to ask for a security volunteer to walk you to the bus/car or campus residence.

Our staff consists mostly of students just like you - feel free to ask them any questions about policies or standard practices on campus. The Out Back Shack is trying to achieve a safe, enjoyable social environment for all students and guests.

Our staff will be held accountable for their actions. Please direct any complaints to The Out Back Shack Operational Manager - information may be found at
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