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FSU Clubs
Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together. Any full time student can start or join a club regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Each of our clubs provides insightful and a meaningful contribution to the Fanshawe College community. Find a club below, or review the documents needed to create your own!

Contact FSU Advocacy and Communications Coordinator Jahmoyia Smith if you have any questions:
FSU Office - SC2001
519.452.4109 ext. 6341

Starting a Club

In order to start a club, you must first print off, fill out and return the Club Charter and FSU Clubs Policy documents linked below to the FSU main office, located in SC2001 within the Student Centre.

Club Charter
FSU Club Policy
Donation Request Form
Club Deposit Form
Locker Space Application
Monthly Activity Report
Monthly Financial Report
Club Event Application
Funding Reimbursement Form

Current Clubs

The following charters have been ratified. Click/tap the names of each club to learn about them and to find contact information for the club’s President and Secretary.

Adonai (A.D.N.I)

President: Soojin Park or
Secretary: Link Kim
Objective of the Club: To create a space for Christians to network, fellowship, and discuss their faith with focus on Korean-Canadian. This clubs purpose also encourages dialogue and discussion among the college students, and supports the understanding and awareness of other people’s beliefs as this group grows and learns from others.

APICS Fanshawe College Student Chapter

President: Anthony Costello
Secretary: Yuyan Dou
Objective of the Club: prepare for a future in supply chain and operations networks with professionals. Get access to latest research publications and participate in case competitions.

The Art of Living

President: Akash Gupta
Secretary: Nitansh Garg
Objective of the Club: To build a positive community which supports a healthy and happy lifestyle by offering practical tools to help students to navigate relationships and challenges. As well as gain soft skills, while working on teamwork.

Atmiya London Group

President: Hiren Munjani
Secretary: Nikunj Patel
Objective of the Club: To motivate the art and creativity among the group. To share knowledge within the group and to grow common interest together in common language.

Caribbean and African Student’s Association (C.A.S.A)

President: Nikieea McIntosh
Vice President: Nana Grant
Secretary: Patrice Mitchell
Objective of the Club: To expose the College Community to the rich cultural background of the Caribbean and African students.
Facebook Group:

Community Connectors

President: Krista Lyne Robinson
Secretary: Russell Green
Objective of the Club: To break down barriers for students coming from outside of London so that they can build community connections at Fanshawe.


President: Lixing Yu
Secretary: Yongling Chen
Objective of the Club: To build life skills for international students and help them understand we have a responsibility to give back to the community. International students will be equipped and feel they belong; leading is a rewarding and fulfilling experience during their years at Fanshawe College.

Fanshawe Accounting Association

President: Justin Verburg
Secretary: Katie Aoki
Objective of the Club: to facilitate social and professional development of Fanshawe Accounting Students.

Fanshawe Anime Club

President: H. Laurel McDonald
Secretary: M. Lina Wilson
Objective of the Club: A common interest group focused on anime that brings students together to entertain and foster friendships.
Facebook Group:

Fanshawe College Entrepreneurship Club

President: Navin Abraham
Secretary: Nicholas Koehler
Facebook Group:

Fanshawe College Student Association of Quantity Surveyors

President: Brandon Labanowich
Secretary: Steven Hinde
Objective of the Club: A club for students seeking a career in quantity surveying or for students seeking help in quantity surveying courses. Programs that conduct quantity surveying such as construction engineering management, civil engineering, architectural technology and carpentry techniques.

Fanshawe Chinese Society

President: Wanying Luo
Secretary: Yuxuan Cheng
Objective of the Club: To increase the cohesion of Chinese Students and provide them with different experiences including helping them integrate into local society.

Fanshawe Crochet and Knitting Club

President: Taya Le Duc
Secretary: Jocelyn Graham
Objective of the Club: To share ideas and knowledge between new and experienced crafters.

Fanshawe Equestrian Club

President: Meagan McLauchlin
Secretary: Allison Meeuse
Objective of the Club: to connect horse back riders and horse enthusiasts in the College.

Fanshawe Financial Society

President: Evgeny Dultser
Secretary: Chitra Gupta
Objective of the Club: Fanshawe Financial Society is dedicated to involve current finance students in various extra-curricular activities including numerous events containing networking, career advice and meeting with representatives of financial institutions, potential employers, mentors, and others.

Fanshawe FRC Mentoring Club (FRC- First Robotics Competition)

President: Colin Delogu
Secretary: Dan Salomon Diaz
Objective of the Club: To give Fanshawe students real world experience using the content they have learned from their program background and use it to mentor FRC teams throughout the school year at Fanshawe.

Fanshawe Indigenous Student Association

President: Alexis Scott
Secretary: Chelsea King
Objective of the Club: Promote Indigenous students and Indigenous awareness to the student body of Fanshawe.

Fanshawe Lions Club

President: Brandon Whitters
Secretary: Michael Green
Objective of the Club: Serve the community in a positive manner by way of volunteering, fundraising, and having fun.

Fanshawe Marketing Association (FMSA)

President: Alyssa Kueneman and Meg Van Kerrebroeck
Secretary: Steve Malott
Objective of the Club: designed to help students develop their skills outside the classroom. We also endeavor to create a networking system that will give us strong connections moving forward into our chosen careers.

Fanshawe Paralegal Student Association (FPSA)

Fanshawe Paralegal Student Association

President: Caleb Daniels
Secretary: Evelyn Priestley
Objective of the Club: To provide volunteer opportunities for students to develop their networking skills within the legal and college community. To allow the PSA to work to create activities for paralegal students to enrich their college experience.

Fanshawe Riff-Offs

President: Kiera Blackett
Secretary: Parvathi Natarajan
Objective of the Club: bringing people with a common interest in music together.

Fanshawe Roleplaying & Games

President: Katie Maz
Secretary: Riley Oake
Objective of the Club: Create a positive and welcoming environment centered around ‘geek culture’ for all students with interests including, but not limited to, computer and videogames, board games, collectiable card games, table top roleplaying games, and sci-fi/fantasy pop culture.
Facebook Group:

Fanshawe Rotaract

President: Katie Miller
Secretary: Jordanne Cameron
Objective of the Club: brings together Fanshawe students to take action in our community, develop leadership and professional skills and have fun.

Fanshawe Smash

President: Robert Harris
Secretary: Caitlyn (Gray) Tiefenbach
Objective of the Club: To practice and play smash bros as well as running tournaments. A club to be a place for players of all Super Smash Bros games and socialization.
Facebook Page:

Fanshawe Student Chapter of Landscape Ontario

President: Norna Hugasdottir
Secretary: John Girling
Objective of the Club: To donate time to helping the community by performing ecologically-friendly and program recruitment tasks such as litter collecting, planting, weeding, and debris removal.

Fanshawe Student Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Club

President: Ryan Foott
Secretary: Gursameer Singh
Objective of the Club: Enable future students who are interested in lending a helping hand their community, through Habitat for Humanity, to utilize their skills and gain construction experience as well as engage students in semi-professional manner within the construction industry.

Fanshawe Student Indian Club

President: Jaynil Mehta
Secretary: Neel Trivedi
Objective of the Club: To gather more students and help new students in their early days. To help students release between their daily activities, assignments and exams.

Fanshawe Vegan Association

President: Ilana Walker
Secretary: Luke Suhanji
Objective of the Club: creating a safe space to share ideas and be compassionate beings. A vegan group but open to vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious!
Facebook Group:

Human Resources Student Association (HRSA)

President: Meghan McFadyen
Secretary: Jerrica Hakkers
Objective of the Club: a group of HR students looking to make connections, fundraise for threads of life and set-up networking events with HR professionals.

London Sikh Youth Federation (LSYF)

President: Gurjot Singh Muker
Secretary: Gurpreet Singh Longia
Objective of the Club: To create a platform for the constantly expansive Sikh student body at Fanshawe College; to network, and create a space to grow spiritually.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Fanshawe (MSSF)

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Fanshawe

President: Deborah Agboola
Secretary: Vanessa Paiva
Objective of the Club: To offer support to students living with MS, to teach and educate/bring awareness to others about the disease. To raise funds towards research and finding a cure for MS. A place for students to gather and talk freely.
Facebook Page:

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

President: Ahmed Qara’een
Secretary: Afrah Fatima
Objective of the Club: The main goal of the club is to gather Muslim students together, hold events and activities, Friday prayer, and help new students find places on campus where they can get assistance.

Power to Change

President: Zachary Brown
Secretary: Leona Balsdon
Objective of the Club: Our purpose is to be a resource for students who are seeking answers to faith questions. We seek to be a community of support and encouragement for those who identify as Christian and those interested in exploring it.
Facebook Group:

Respiratory Therapy Student Federation

President: Adam Levey
Secretary: Emily Rowe
Objective of the Club: offer our members volunteer opportunities, interpersonal exposure, and the ability to further the awareness of our future profession.

South Korea Association of Fanshawe (SKAF)

President: Jeongseon (Jade) Shin
Secretary: MooJae (Simeon) Jo
Objective of the Club: Sharing information of school life.

Spectrum Fanshawe

President: Chris Yao
Secretary: Brook Iden
Objective of the Club: to provide a safe and positive space for members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as allies, where we can have fun and support the community.
Facebook Group:

Student Liaison/Student Success Club

President: Jordan Amoraal
Secretary: Amanda Blake
Objective of the Club: The purpose of the club is to provide information and support to Police Foundations Students. We will outreach to these students and all students in order to help them transition into College life and help them succeed by connecting them to resources within the school.

Targaryen Restoration

President: Abdelrahman Elsayegh
Secretary: Caleb Varty
Objective of the Club: discussing ‘A Game of Thrones’ both the books and the show.

Women in Technology

President: Tamara Eaton
Secretary: Jaimee Deboey
Objective of the Club: meet other women in technology programs. Educate and inspire young women to get involved in tech.

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