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Review: On The Corner Where You Live by The Paper Kites


On The Corner Where You Live is an interesting album, but one that lacks variety.

Lliam Buckley | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 11th, 2019

Australian indie rock band, The Paper Kites, recently visited Canada with stops all over Ontario, including London, to promote their latest release On The Corner Where You Live. Interrobang was sent a copy of the album for review, which is an enjoyable listen despite a few shortcomings.

The album opens with “A Gathering on 57th” a jazzy sax and piano instrumental. The track intends to set the scene for a noir-esque city scape which at first listen seems like a cool way to begin the project. Unfortunately, I feel as though it sets the wrong tone for the indie rock album that follows, as the second track “Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain,” while well executed, it catches the listener off guard with its ambient guitar riffs and powerful drum tones that seem more reminiscent of ‘80s music rather than the jazz era.

Despite the initial unexpectedness, “Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain” is strong song with a passionate delivery, setting a much better atmosphere for the rest of the album then the first track does. Other enjoyable songs on the album that are worth noting include “Deep Burn Blue,” which features a lustrous foundation of background vocals and Flashes, an emotional ballad set to acoustic guitar.

Many of the songs on the album create a mellow laid back atmosphere which some may see as a strength, while others it’s greatest weakness. I say this as many of the tracks follow such a similar pace that it’s easy to become detached from the music, with little variety to grab the listeners attention.

It’s not until the title track, “On The Corner Where You Live,” that we begin to see a more upbeat side to the band’s music. This song is by far my favourite track on the album, with a driving rhythm section, catchy hook and well developed production behind it all. I wish that the song was introduced earlier on however in order to pull the listener into the album before they have a chance to drift away from the music.

All in all I feel like this album is well executed for what the artist is trying to accomplish. Although it may not be the type of music I would turn on in the morning to pump me up for the day, I would certainly choose it to unwind to at the end of it all.

A few slightly more upbeat tracks would be preferred, yet the mellifluous, relaxing tone the music creates still makes The Paper Kites’ On The Corner Where You Live an excellent winter jam to enjoy as you stay inside, put your feet up and avoid the cold.

Those interested in hearing the album can find On The Corner Where You Live available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. More information on The Paper Kites can be found on facebook at or at
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