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Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 7th, 2008

Guitar Hero 3 vs. Rock Band
If you want an indepth analysis about what game is leading with downloadable content and the impact it not only has for the companies involved, but how companies will utilize selling downloadable content for games, check this article out immediately. The article is well written, has some personal insight by the author and real raw data that presented in a manner that most people can understand. This is a very interesting read.

Rejected Star Wars products
Last week I showcased a bunch of bootleg Star Wars toys that just had to be seen to be believed. This week, I think I've actually topped it. You won't believe some of the wacky products that were actually proposed. I personally would have purchased the “Han in Carbonite Mini-Fridge” or the “Jabba the Hutt bean bag chairs,” but there's no accounting for taste, right? Check out the rest of the wackiness and have a laugh.

People vs. Snakes
No, this isn't Snakes on A Plane, it's just a clip from some weird Japanese TV show that features two people getting bit by a snake. The crowd watches, applauds and laughs while the contestants cry. I guess this is like North America's “Moment of Truth” show, just add snakes.

New member of the family
THIS IS AWESOME! See what happens when this guy sends his mom and dad a video message introducing the newest member of his family: “a pug!” You won't believe what the dog does and reaction of the owner.

Some dude drives a wrecked car
I'm not kidding...this car is totaled! I don't know how long he got to drive this for on the highway or the ticket he got for it, but it probably wasn't good when he finally got pulled over.
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