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Fanshawe Accounting Association Tax Clinic

  • April 2

Fanshawe Accounting Association Tax Clinic

  • 10:00 a.m.
  • Alumni Lounge at London Campus
  • Free

There will be three tax clinics held in Alumni Lounge, room SC 2013 in the Student Centre. The dates are March 12, March 26 and April 2.

Students interested in filing their taxes with the Fanshawe Tax Clinic will need to:

1. Be a Fanshawe student
2. Have a modest income and simple tax situation, as defined at this link under the Eligibility Criteria section at the Eligibility Requirements link found below.

The Fanshawe tax clinic does not provide support for complex tax situations, such as business income, rental income, or foreign income. More examples of complex tax situations can be found at the link below.

Documents students will need to bring to get their taxes filed, if applicable:

- Fanshawe Student card
- T4 for employment income
- Rent receipts and amount of rent paid during the 2023 year
- Tuition certificate T2202 (from Fanshawe and any other post secondary institutions for 2023)
- T4A for other sources of income (taxable portion of RESP withdrawals, any taxable scholarships/grants received, pension income, CPP/OAS/EI benefits received etc.)
- T5 slips for interest income received (i.e. from a savings account)
- RRSP slips for RRSP contributions; T4RSP slips for RRSP withdrawals
- Prior year’s Notice of Assessment or copy of tax return
- Current address, current full name, SIN number
- International students without a work permit need to provide their ITN # and International students with a work permit need to provide their SIN #.
- If you have spouses/dependants we will need the SIN number, birthday, and net income figure of your spouse and dependants
- If you are a Fanshawe student and would like to file your spouse’s return with yours, your spouse needs to be present in order for us to file their return.
- Any other tax documentation you have received

They cannot do your tax return at this clinic if:
- You do not have a SIN number (or an ITN, if no SIN)
- You are not a Fanshawe student
- You have any foreign income in 2023
- You earned business income during 2023
- You earned rental income during 2023
- You have income of over $35,000 during the year (if single), or over $45,000 combined (if a couple). Please note: we cannot file your spouse’s return if they are not present. No exceptions.
- You paid rent to a landlord in 2023 and want to claim credits for rent on your tax return, but you do not have any rent receipts from your landlord.
- They will only claim rent credits for you if you have rent receipts to support your claim. If you do not have rent receipts but want to claim your rent payments, you will need to go elsewhere to get your taxes filed.
- You have significant investment income
- You have claimed bankruptcy during the year

You cannot apply for the newcomer bonus through this tax clinic. This is not part of the tax preparation process, and they cannot advise on this matter. Please contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281

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